In our society, it is on justice that crime is declared and on crimes that justice does nothing. A short but compelling story of a mother justice named Corinna Smith.


Corinna Smith is a 59-year-old English woman who was sentenced to life in prison in July 2021 for “cleaning” her husband by pouring boiling water mixed with sugar on him. The “crime” was done during the night while her pedophile husband was sleeping. Vilified as never before in the English press, we soon learn the reasons for his act. Corinna Smith discovered devastating horrors through the mouth of her child. The poor husband would have abused, raped during many years of several children. The pedophile had 36% of his body burned. He suffered for several weeks before dying. The name of the pedophile: Michael Baines. Smith killed her husband Michael in such a painful and cruel way. Throwing boiling water on someone who is sleeping is absolutely horrible,” said Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes. “The sugar placed in the water makes it vicious. It becomes thicker and stickier and penetrates the skin better. Quote the wise man shamelessly defending the pedophile, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes:

“She killed her husband Michael in such a painful and cruel way. Throwing boiling water on someone who is sleeping is absolutely horrible. Mixing three bags of sugar into the water shows the determination she had to cause serious harm. Michael was left in agony, and instead of calling emergency services, she wasted time by going to a house nine doors away to tell a neighbor, to whom she was not close, what she had done.”

It is true that raping children is not at all cruel and that such a punishment can only be quintupled. What is always very amusing is to see that the press as well as the police did not focus at all on the fact that the man was, according to his own daughter, a serial rapist who raped a large number of children over several years. No, that’s not important at all, there is another much more important victim here, the pedo suffering the justice of a mother justice. And we must not overwhelm him, here it is the woman who is a monster. Poor pedophile, the queen will surely come with her sons to lay a small wreath on your grave. After all, it seems that you are of the same race.


Baines’ two victims would seem to already include at least his stepdaughter (Corinna’s daughter from a previous relationship) and his own son. Craig Baines. died at the age of 25… The latter died in 2007. How? He committed suicide… And there, oh, surprise! We find out from the judge that Craig was at his lowest point before his death. Before throwing out the reality that we suspected all along, she, Madame Justice Amanda Yip, begins by damning the victim by pointing out that he had been in jail for what was described as a serious assault. On whom and why? On the pedophile who had attacked and raped him. The day before his death, Craig told his mother “Mommy, he’s a pedophile”. This closes the debate on what the police and the press call “rumors”. Also, it is noted that the prosecutor, Mark Rhind, stated that a number of personal statements from family members had been submitted to the court, outlining the distress they had suffered over the past year. We will not know if this is post-mortem grief from the pedo or from other victims of the pedo since the information and details of the case are extremely thin and mainly focused on Corinna Smith. Finally, the judge added, on the day of her life sentence, which will take only 5 days to be determined, “Your actions cannot be justified, no matter what you think your husband did. Well, that’s your opinion, judge. In other times or even in other countries, this woman would be applauded and the search for truth accomplished, which you don’t seem so inclined to do. But in yet another country governed by pedos, what can we expect from the justice appointed by these same people?

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