This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened in Holland. A country with a pedo fiefdom, a bit like France if not worse, which praises the merits of the most foul deeds as soon as they get the chance. There was already a pedo party in Holland which was created in the 2000s but was supposedly dissolved in 2010. Here’s a small quote from this group only good to disappear from the surface of the globe: “All persons, regardless of age, including children, have the right to control their bodies. This also applies to sexual matters. Anyone may have sexual contact with his or her consent […] the private possession of all forms of pornography, including child pornography, is permitted.” But go to the page wikipedo of these people. Read the program… Here is a short list of what they wanted to get legislatively:

  • The lowering of the age of majority to 16, the age at which mandatory schooling ends.
  • Lowering the age of sexual majority to 12 years and eventually abolishing it, in the name of “the freedom [of the child] to decide with whom he or she wants to have sexual relations” and on the basis that “only sexual abuse, for example when forced, should be punished”.
  • The right to choose one’s place of residence from the age of 12 ;
  • The right to use soft and hard drugs and to participate in gambling from the age of 12.
  • The lowering of the sexual majority at age 12 and its total disappearance as time goes by.
  • The decriminalization of pedophilia when “both the child and the adult consent”.
  • The legalization of prostitution from the age of 14.
  • The disappearance of censorship on [pedo]pornography.
  • The authorization of participation in pornographic films from the age of 16.
  • Removal of any legal character to marriage.
  • Authorization of homosexuality in all its forms in public.
  • Legalization of nudism and prostitution.
  • The creation of a trade union for prostitutes and the recognition by the State and remuneration for this profession.
  • The legalization of exhibitionism even in front of minors.
  • The legalization of zoophilia.
  • The diffusion of pornographic programs at all hours of the day.
  • The strengthening of work on pornography and the sexual activity of children.
  • The decriminalization of child pornography for private use.
  • The amnesty for all paedophiles incarcerated on Dutch territory.
  • The inculcation in children of the “values carried by pornography”

In 2011, the party treasurer was caught in possession of child porn… The paedo lobby behind it never dissolved. We remember very well last year (2019), the Dutch TV was talking about a gay pride that was going to take place and in which paedoes would find themselves, wanting to go there to defend their “sexual orientation”. For as long as you’ve been told that the LGBT, pro-pedo lobby, is trying to pass this off as sexual orientation, that day, we were still being served. These assholes are well and truly there, but they were kicked out by people on the spot, disgusted to see pedophile propaganda coming with their flyers and leaflets during the demonstration. What is funny and worth noting is the complacency of the media the day before which clearly seemed to want to make it normal in a relatively subtle way. Fail. It is the disgust and anger that their coming made. As a result, in order not to look like the assholes they are, a few days later after the gay pride, this same media was offended by the coming of these same pedophiles. Laughable. A little more than a year has passed and a new political party is being created. New? Not so much, it’s actually the same one…

The party is called the PNVD, in Dutch: “Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit”, translation: the Party for love of neighbor, freedom and diversity. Son of a bitch… On the program, written by Norbert de Jonge and Nelson Maatman, visible on their official website : The suppression of the sexual majority and the decriminalization of child pornography. Of course, you can add the list above that still holds and add to that legalized zoophilia and necrophilia “if the deceased has explicitly given his written authorization to that effect”. No no, I’m not joking, I’m not exaggerating its the exact speech of the little sluts composing this paedophile political group. At the same time, I almost want to say that at this stage, they can without problem campaign, all of them, under the same flag, starting from the principle that half of the politicians are paedophiles, especially in the Netherlands, this filthy country from where, I remind you, a branch of the worldwide paedophile network, ZANDVOORT, prospered.  a petition to order its prohibition was created and then relayed by the singer Glennis Glace on August 28th. A demonstration was held against these fags in “La Haye”, the place where the party in question has its headquarters, and a second one will take place this Saturday, September 12 at the same place. Notice to those who are in the area…

And because it is important to see the face of the enemy, the two scumbags I mentioned earlier who wrote the program in question will be posted here. Here are their faces. Namely that they also have a channel for their online propaganda here and to top it all off, “Nelson” goes to universities (and is therefore allowed to) to talk to students about his degeneration, as evidenced by the fact that this article(translated in french, sorry about that) which they of course deleted but of which I was able to recover a copy. He was the guest of the University of Amsterdam. Shameful.

Nelson Maatman
Norbert de jonge



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