OLIVIER DUHAMEL – Another French Notorious pedophile is busted

It is publicly and by his family that at the beginning of 2021, the political scientist Olivier Duhamel was pointed out as the umpteenth dirty pedophile composing the hemicycles of this French caste that thinks it is above the law.

NOTE : to understand these families who all marry each other here is a brief summary that it will be necessary to remember to understand who we are talking about each time:

  • Olivier Duhamel : The child rapist. Camille (the writer) and Antoine’s (the victim) Stepfather
  • Evelyne Pisier : Kouchner’s Ex-wife, Camille’s and Antoine’s mother. Remaried to Olivier Duhamel. Died in 2017
  • Camille Kouchner : Bernard Kouchner’s daughter (former french minister and notorious pedophile never convicted), Duhamel’s step-daughter. She is the one who made the accusations within her book.
  • Antoine Kouchner : The victim, Camille’s twin.
  • Marie France Pisier : Evelyne’s sister. Camille and Antoine’s aunt. Died in 2009/2012
  • Bernard Kouchner : Camille and Antoine’s father, Evelyne’s ex husband

UPDATE June 14th 2021 – the case dismissed because of PAEDOPRESCRIPTION (source)

To make a little sarcasm, before going into the facts, the simple fact that this man looks like the paedophile waste Cohn Bendit MEP can only make you smile gently. The same face. Besides, they know each other and they are seeing each other. One would think that child rapists all have that little something that can’t be described precisely, when you’re used to spotting them. These detectable and obvious traits of the potential scumbag. We could, like everyone else, apologize for his career path, but in reality, like all other charlatans of his kind, it would be useless. Through corruption, cronyism, manipulation at all levels, he had big important positions in politics, education, the media and is one of the few dozen who are regularly called in to give an opinion on everything and who don’t give a damn about the plandemic and other subjects they’d all do better to keep their mouths shut. His entourage is more interesting than a career propelled by his paedophile buddies in the government and other CEO’s. On the other hand, let’s mention that he was at the head of the Century. Criminal international organisation run by the elite mafia where many pedophiles are based. It’s a bit like the Tupperware meeting of the Freemasons of France whose sole objective is to rot our society and that of others. The police prefects of Paris also sat there. Just to remind you why pedojustice is corrupted to the depths of its bowels.


Camille Kouchner, daughter of pedophile Bernard Kouchner, publishes a book called “la Familia grande”. It is said that this book was printed very discreetly. She writes in it that Olivier Duhamel abused her twin brother, Antoine Kouchner. The latter has not yet expressed himself on this subject. Duhamel was therefore married to Evelyne Pisier, mother of Camille Kouchner and ex-wife of Bernard Kouchner. She must have had a weakness for pedophiles. Moreover, we learn in the book in question that Evelyne Pisier would have protected Duhamel – by her silence – despite the horror of the facts, Duhamel took pleasure in her son-in-law. This woman died in 2017 and we will not wish peace to her soul. Unworthy mother that she was to protect such individuals who deserve no place among the beings worthy of the name, we humans endowed with a functional conscience and heart . She said the following words to her daughter at the time: “Your brother was never forced” to quote what I consider to be her worst words, suggesting that the child Antoine was consenting to the abuse perpetrated by his fat pig of a pedophile stepfather. When she learned that these children had spoken, her words were: “You bastards, you threw it all away […] I hate your perversity. Everyone now will know about it”… Bitch. It should be noted that she was also Fidel Castro’s lover. She was not the only one to protect the pedophile. Her friends too! (of which a small list is available below).


When Camille told her mother, Evelyne, about all this, Evelyne took refuge with her sister, Marie France Pisier. As if by pure chance, just after she was told, she was found dead in her swimming pool, in her second home in Saint-Cyr sur mer. How did she die? Head and shoulders stuck in a wrought iron outdoor chair at the bottom of her pool…. This happened around 2010. The autopsy carried out by the forensic pathologist, of course bribed in advance, will not be able to determine the exact cause of death. It won’t? Isn’t the presence of water in the lungs, drowning, the cause of death of a woman found at the bottom of a swimming pool? The head stuck in a wrought-iron chair? What a vast joke. Marie France’s reaction, let’s talk about it for a moment. When she found out, she was not complacent like her sister, who had always been in love with pedophiles. No. The first thing she did was to tell everyone about it, so that it would be known, so that the taboo could be broken and something could be done about the pedophile. It is said that Marie France “wanted to get rid of him,” the 45-year-old lawyer told Le Monde (french newspaper). Marie-France Pisier’s daughter, Iris Funck-Brentano, confirmed this: “My mother was very shocked that her sister did not protect her children first and that no one reacted”. We are too, but a woman who chooses a first paedophile husband and then leaves him and takes another, would we, in the end, be surprised? No…


  • The Kouchner’s
  • Michel Field
  • Elisabeth Guigou (that scum was a french minister and is very known to protect pedoring)
  • Daniel Meier
  • Jack Lang (extremely notorious untouchable pedophile)
  • Macron
  • Robert Badinter
  • Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Balladur
  • Famille Veil
  • Francois Hollande
  • Cohn Bendit (extremely notorious untouchable pedophile)
  • Bayrou
  • Jospin
  • Familly Lacharrière


It is precisely here that you understand the circle of influence around the man and the reasons for such protection for so long. Le Siècle is not just a small think tank or some shitty lodge belonging to the freemasonry. It is a national influence group and beyond where all the big heads hang out. There are ministers, big bankers, media leaders, police commanders, army generals. This is where they all stand by the end of their tails, forgive my expression, and influence the country and the outside world. We find, for example, Michel Gaudin, the prefect of the Paris police, Maurice Levy, the former director of Publicis, a group that financially supports Innocence in Danger (well, well, well…). We also find Damien Bachelot. This name may not mean anything to you but it is very important. He is the administrator of the NGO “Plan International”. This NGO is directly involved in pedophile trafficking on several levels. Plan International integrated Street Kids International a few years ago. Street Kids was founded by the pedophile Peter Dalglish, a close friend of Justin Trudeau. Child trafficking association disguised as a charity and financed by none other than the Rothschilds. Amanda Ellingworth was director until 2016. One of her close colleagues was Janet Olivia Boateng (1998 – 2008), wife of Paul Boateng, a known and prosecuted pedophile. Marie Staunton, another director of Plan Int’l, openly defended their affiliation with PIE in a surprisingly frank statement in September 1983, which reflected the continued stranglehold of the sexual rights agenda. Marie Staunton, another director of Plan Int’l, openly defended their affiliation with PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange – the file that consolidates all trafficking of child pornography. See our article on this subject here). We also find Clément Beaune, special advisor to the presidency of the Republic, in other words, of the French President Macron. PPDA and his brother (PPDA is an extremely known and popular journalist, recently accused of being a pedophile) Marie-hélène Berard, the treasurer of Chirac (Former French president). I’m not going to make the list, it would be extremely long. Just know that all the big French heads are on it. The big bosses of CAC40 companies, the media, politics, and even great chefs such as Alain Ducasse… We can only strongly encourage you to see the PDF or the list of members as of February 2020 are there, as a bonus, with their photos and the places occupied and the must, the list of former leaders is visible there. To conclude with the century, and have no doubt about it, it is no more and no less the French landmark of the biggest garbage of the country, a landmark for criminal thugs and moreover, pedophiles.


Once again, we find men who are close to each other and who were once accused of being child rapists. Families mixing together, marriages with the wife of the other, the sister of the deceased wife, a mic-mac worthy of 13th century inbreds with suicides in a position suggesting anything but suicide. Also, it should be noted that Duhamel adopted two small Chilean children. Here again, we find the same modus operandi as his paedophile colleagues… Then, let us note and remember that the accusation comes from the Kouchner side. Immediately, one tells oneself that it would have been so strong that Bernard Kouchner, a notorious pedophile, was also mentioned. Perhaps this will come later? Let’s hope so… In the meantime, Duhamel has resigned from his position at Science-po but propose instead that he resigns from France Ordure… How many pedophiles are left at Science-po and elsewhere in the upper classes of society? Many.

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