FRANCE : Mathieu Bedhomme, French man, in his forties, road mender by profession in Baigneaux, but also Cessac and Daubèze in Gironde, has just been arrested. Suspected of having administered child pornography websites on the darknet, he had been wanted since 2014 by the FBI and considered one of the top ten global targets. He got finally caught but no one will ever give more than his firstame, “Mathieu”. Suspicious for us, so we started to work on this case. Recognized by those around him as an average man, discreet, helpful, kind, he was also appreciated by his employer who said of him that he was conscientious, very efficient and that he knew how to do everything. He knew how to do everything so well that he became an autodidact of computers and improvised as administrator of a pedo website! Married and father of three children, living in Frontenac, this bastard raped his two daughters, aged 4 and 8, and used them for his child pornography. Isn’t there something wrong there? A man, of middle class, municipal agent, who lives in a very small village, going about his activities at night without creating any suspicion of his wife, raping his two daughters, would have succeeded on his own in creating an international network of of pedo content … Oh, and we are informed that his brother would be an employee of town hall … (info which remains to be confirmed) Eric Berot, head of the central office for the repression of violence against people (OCRVP) will say:

“He had extremely sophisticated computer skills. He was an extremely careful person. He has a much more important role than the simple pedophile who consults or downloads child pornography. There, we are on people who are of a high level”.

Strange, isn’t it? Another astonishing fact that you may not have escaped your notice: the OCRVP has been on its back since 2014. They can’t get around a VPN for 6 years !! This little shit is still considered one of the top 10 worldwide target. So either they are very poorly equipped with equipment and skills, or it is proof that they knowingly avoided stopping him. Just kidding, there is no doubt. The state was protecting his foal … Uh, I mean! … The pedophile. We are not going to do it backwards! Even if these rags did everything to clean the net (deleting administrative officials documents from the town hall as an example…), there are still traces. Rereading again each press article relating this story, we come across an article, who do not name him but gives his physical description of the man, his house, a topo on his professional career … everything is there, it is the one we are looking for! And the icing on the cake: a photo, but blurred. In this article, we learn something terrifying. His partner is a maternal assistant !!! This garbage had at its disposal not only his children but also those of the village. Obviously, no mention of any sexual assault on these children is made but it seems so likely. Small strange fact, his house is neither in his name, nor in the name of his wife. We are investigating the owner as this is yet another clue that big things are yet to be discovered.


This man is part of a very extensive network, a HUGE PEDO RING and he’s protected, that’s obvious. French investigators have the means to bypass a VPN and it doesn’t take them 6 years, they finally arrested him only because of the pressure exerted by the FBI. Anyway, what is obvious is that no one, no resident, no colleague, no state agent, no press collaborators, has given his name. ALL have preserved his anonymity. Censorship has been effective but not perfect! We will not stop there, as you can imagine. We continue our investigation and we will dig even deeper. We want to know who / what is behind this pawn; which magistrate, politician, financier, what bastard does not want his name to be mentioned in this case and we will put everything under the public eyes once it’s done … Be afraid, pedos and collaborators, we laugh no more and we will move up a gear.



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