PEDORINGS : There is actually only One [undatable]

From the Zandvoort pedophile ring, many other rings are connected. We tried here to show all the ties and links between people of interests. Note that we could also have add Pizzagate and cases from all over UK but it would have been useless as the goal here is only to prove that everything is connected… There is not numerous pedorings, there is only one and only.

  • Coral case
  • Dutroux case
  • ADO 71 case
  • TORO BRAVO case
  • Demmink case
  • APOLLO case
  • CRIES network
  • The missing kids from Yonne
  • Anger case

Bernard ALAPETITE, convicted in the case ADO71, that of the CORAL and TORO BRAVO, recognized on the CD-Rom photos he had taken in the photo studio POJKART in Germany, quoted in the ZANDVOORT case. Jean-Manuel VUILLAUME also condemned in the TORO BRAVO case, will also recognize on the CD-Rom, the pictures he produced.   Source 1/2 –  Source 2/2

Gerrit ULRICH, involved in the DUTROUX case, is the former lover of SALOMONSON the former lawyer of Queen Beatrix, former lover of Claus her husband and protagonist of the DEMMINK case.He and his lover Robbie VAN DER PLANCKEN organized cruises on a boat called APPOLO on which child pornography photos (APOLLO RING) were found. He also collected pictures taken on the sailboat L’école en bateau of Léonide KAMENEFF.  Source 1/2 –  Source 2/2

Michel NIHOUL, associate of Dutroux, appears in the investigation file of the CD-Rom (the elements of the file have disappeared).  Source

Katrien De Cuyper, One of the victims in the DUTROUX case, was recognized on the pictures on the CD-Rom according to the testimony of witness X1 Régina LOUF.  Source

Jean-Claude KRIEF, of the CORAL Case, also appears in the Zandvoort case. The photo n°9 of the file is one of the photos he took at the Coral’s. Jacques DUGUE will also admit being the supplier of 5 of the victims of the file.  Source 1/2 –   Source 2/2

J.P. ROSENCZVEIG, a french magistrate implicated in the CORAL Case, will be recognized on one of the photos of the CD-Rom (according to “Stan Maillaud”.  Source

Véronique LIAIGRE, Anger ring’s victime, will recognize herself within the pictures.  Source

Two victims of Emile LOUIS from the missing kids of Yonne will be identified within the Zandvoort files.  Source . On top of that, some CRIES ring’s victims will also be recognized  Source

The judge in charge on the Zandvoort ring is Judge Danielle RINGOT, she will judge many other cases of paedophilia. Ruling prosecutions is a strong word if she is related to the case as she is very well known in France to burry all cases and to acquit all people involved within pedorings…  Source

There is not much less to tell about the European / worldwide pedorings. They are clearly all tied to each other. And still, justice and people keep the same speech in Europe especially : “Pedo rings do not exist”.We can easily understand why they keep saying these bullshits as they are the same people involved in each of them. Fucking justice, fucking corrupted world.