Operation Casting call 2 – Fage agency for real pedoring [2011 – 2021]

Operation Bayldon / Operation Casting call 2: A fake model agency to feed the paedophile network

  • Name : Operation Casting Call ( + Related Operation Bayldon )
  • Date: 2011-2021
  • Location: Australia, Thailand, Africa,
  • Victims: Thousands of victims aged from a few months old to teenagehood.
  • Modus Operandi: Recruitment, abuse, rape, creation and distribution of child pornography, fraudulent transaction.

2017 – Operation Bayldon

November 2017, the case begins with information from Interpol that an IP address based in South Australia has been detected accessing child exploitation material on pay-per-view. A joint investigation by SA JACET (the Australian Child Exploitation Police), DSI (Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations), the FBI, the New Zealand and South African police, and Underground Railroad (a group that helps governments rescue sex trafficking victims also known as OUR) will identify several perpetrators.

2018 – The raids

In January 2018, simultaneous raids in Thailand and Australia by the DSI (Thai investigative police) with the help of the AFP Bangkok Post and Interpol led to the seizure of 850,000 files but also to the owners of the Pay-per-view website, including Ruecha Tokputza, a young Thai man who was in possession of 12,500 images and 650 child pornography videos. He will be in jail from 2011 to 2017 and will be found guilty of at least 13 rapes of children and babies, one of which is barely 15 months old. He will be condemned by the court of Adelaide, where he resided in Australia, to the longest legal sentence imposed on a pedo even if it is still far too short compared to eternity: 43 years, of which only 28 years are safe for 51 charges relating to the most serious offences of child exploitation. 5 other serious sexual offenders were also arrested and convicted, resulting in 26 victims and 11 children were removed from immediate danger during this operation.

2019 – From Bayldon to Casting Call

That year, the Australian police confiscated a pornographic image of a boy and forwarded it to the ISD. Thanks to a tattoo identified on the picture, they will trace it back to the author: Thakorn Attapthomchai called “Mee”. The investigators will then trace the origin of the photo coming directly from a very reputable and well-known modeling agency in Thailand, hence the name of the related operation called Casting Call, the Nene Modelling Agency which is none other than specialized in young children and teenage models. The agency has produced materials for national television and media advertising campaigns and has worked with many of the country’s leading advertising companies.

2021 – Arrests

The young manager of the agency recognized in Thailand and photographer of 28 years old is arrested in the offices of his agency in this month of February 2021. His name: Danudetch dit “Nene” Saengkaew. The police will invest his apartments where more than 500.000 indecent images of children were stored in his hard disk, the biggest catch of the history of the country according to one of the persons in charge of the operation Underground Railroad. The overwhelming amount of evidence convinced investigators that the agency should be responsible for the abuse of hundreds of children. The children’s modeling industry in Thailand is large and has been encouraged by the growing popularity of social media, with many parents seeing it as an opportunity to enroll young children in drama classes and, for some, an opportunity to earn extra money. Danudet understood this, and his agency marketed and recruited directly from the schools, trusting both teachers and parents. It is estimated that 8400 children have worked with the Nene agency since its creation in 2013. It is therefore feared that countless children may have been abused, hundreds or even thousands according to the police. There are many accusations of child abuse, creation and distribution of child pornographic images, abuse of minors, fraudulent transactions. Most of the recognized victims were young boys aged between 4 and 15 years old, all coming from his agency. You can still see on social networks the type of shooting, images and staging that he proposed, at least what the general public could see and that alone is already a real open-air showcase for child pornography. You’ll notice the pictures, white shirts, disguise and breaks that some children make with a lot of I like and sometimes very shady profiles that “like” the pictures. On the site, everything is there, we find prices by number of photos that the buyer will receive via googledrive for 7 days maximum, a real catalog of pedo images featuring innocent children in unsuitable outfits, in bad taste, sometimes vulgar and irrelevant if we naturally take into account the carelessness of a child at this age and not its vulgarization.

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