• Date : December 2020
  • Name : Paul Alexander
  • Place : New York
  • Crimes : Prostitution of minors, rape of minors
  • Victim’s age : youngest 12 yo
  • Background : Arrested several times for similar facts (see sources)
  • Modus Operandi : Alcohol and drug use on pre-rape victims. Prostitution with these clients of the young victims on board.
  • Accomplice : None so far
  • Companies : Central Jet Charter – 131 private jets privés

December 2020 / New York – Paul Alexander gets caught. The man is an executive of a private jet company “Central Jet Charter”. The operation started in March 2020 after a young victim reported him to the local police. The man is charged with child sex trafficking as well as rape. It is by pretending to be a client that an undercover cop will be offered a 12 year old child for $300… Alexander encouraged his clients to give victims drugs and make the victims drink to make them more compliant… This is not the first time the man has been caught. A short summary for a story that seems to be quite long. All this information is and comes out of the official speech. But during our investigation, which unfortunately will not last very long in view of the terrifying lack of clues to follow, something will come to disturb the facts declared by the police and the media.

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Let’s address the points, one by one, of the enormous problems of official declarations. A real joke when you look closely at the details of this story, the man, the evidence, the money, the whole thing… In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not we’re still being played.

  • Paul Alexander owns several private jets and a private jet company. One jet is worth a small bundle of millions. As a simple example, the company owns a Phenom 100E. This jet’s worth is in the $5 million range. He has 131 different jets… Yet, we find him presenting his company dressed in a cheap suit on the roof of a cheap building in the bronx. He should be brewing a lot of money but doesn’t seem to have any.
  • Still related to his business, the associated Facebook account presents a lot of pictures, none of which seem really professional. For such a company, this is very suspicious.
  • Still related to the company, the websites of his private jets (a website and a blog) are extremely cheap. The question then arises to understand why, just with the simple fact that the jets are worth a small fortune in the tens of millions. It doesn’t add up. Private jets are a high-end travel solution for the rich. Why doesn’t anything seem to be luxurious, whether it’s about the individual, the company, the marketing, the website?
  • The latter’s neighbors said they knew from their own reports to the police and newspapers that he was a pedophile. They also said that they saw young girls going up and down from his apartment on a regular basis. However, nobody reported it?
  • A simple pedophile triggers a whole operation to dismantle a pedophile network? (Operation Mile High). It is indeed the first time we see this.
  • No accomplices, no customers? Hard to believe…
  • Last point, his face, we are convinced that we saw him pass into another case but we can’t get our hands on it again. His face and his prison escape haircut is very easy to remember. He is potentially a culprit in another case, we still have to find out which one…
  • Last but not least, the individual does not have the appearance of an private jet owner, with such a large company (referring to point 1). There is everything to bet that he is what we call, a man of straw. Much more important individuals must be hiding behind this story, but police and media will say no more.

The investigation continues but the lie are flying…

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