PARIS OPERA HOUSE SCHOOL – The pedophile’s Lair

Alexis PINTIAUX, pedophile, covered by Elisabeth PLATEL, director of the Paris Opera school. Supervisor, educator, referee at the basketball club 14 of Paris. Exclusive investigation on the facts hidden by the mainstream press


  • Date : 2021
  • Name : Alexis PINTIAUX
  • Jobs : Night supervisor at the Paris Opera School, Education assistant during the day, Basketball referee at BASKET 14 (Paris) with minors too
  • Facts : sexual abuses on kids
  • Status : free
  • Victims : 2 teens (at least)
  • Person of interest who protected him : Elizabeth PLATEL
  • People around him : 1 police officer, 1 pro basket,


In the media, they are giving only part of his name, Alexis P., 27 years old, employee of the ECOLE DE DANSE DE L’OPERA DE PARIS (school danse). Educational assistant by day, night supervisor on Sunday nights.
Representative of the teaching and educational staff. But we found him elsewhere, always with minors. The pedocriminal is a Basketball referee at Basket 14 in Paris with adults …. and children ! Alexis PINTIAUX is under investigation for “corruption of minors, sexual abuse of minors committed by a person in authority, and sexual assault imposed on a minor” Nothing surprising about the Paris Opera. It has been years since assaults and sexual abuses are reported with an absolute omerta in return. Of course, women are mentioned, children are avoided and no paper mentions pedophiles, but when it comes to sexual abuse, if there are children in the same place, the calculation is quick to be made. The case broke last March when two teenagers made serious accusations of molestation against a staff member. The Hauts-de-Seine territorial security is in charge of the investigation. Nearly 150 interns were under its responsibility from 8 to 17 yo. The investigation is looking for other potential victims. Especially since the director, Elisabeth PLATEL (former prima ballerina) In office since 2004, according to the families of the victims, she was alerted more than once about sexual assaults of which this certain Alexis would be the author. She preferred to remain silent. What is “funny” is that the pedo is the son of a history-geography teacher in this same school. This guy name is Benjamin Pintiaux. But let’s get back to the latter’s pedo-son, the press keeps the name of this bastard quiet but gives enough details to make it easy to find this scumbag. Described as always available and helpful, having known how to make himself indispensable, he is the same dirty face of a filthy monster as all the other scum of his kind: liar, manipulator, working with children, giving confidence to his entourage… He has been placed under judicial control, that is to say that he is… free?


BENJAMIN PINTIAUX – As we said above, the father is called Benjamin PINTIAUX and happens to be – as if by chance – a teacher in this same school. Moreover, being the employee of the one who doesn’t care at all about the reports that there were on the son of the latter and who, as if by chance, is himself in contact with children… Reason why we mention the father, without any accusation, just to underline the thing because the chance, one tends not to believe in it too much… On the other hand, a small detail that is a little bit out of place but that nevertheless makes us smile, because it is there that we see that everything comes together, absolutely everything. You know, the little private meals that the pedo-elite caste allows itself while you hide to go out and buy a baguette during the lockdowns? Well, take a look at this nice screenshot taken on the dad’s facebook page…

ELISABETH PLATEL – The school director

ELISABETH PLATEL “Tell me who you hang out with, I’ll tell you who you are” would be the most appropriate phrase to profile this little pro-pedophile who doesn’t care about anything going on under her nose. As mentioned in the mainstream, reports were made from various families. This one did not care. Why was this? The answer is perhaps in her entourage, near the little friends of the little, very little, Mrs. Platel… It’s funny, as soon as there are pedo stuff, Jack Lang is never far away… Neither are the others, just a little less. In any case, in view of his entourage, what could we add? You decide…

(We understand for english speakers and people not familiar with FRENCH elite pedorings that the names of these 3 pedophiles doesn’t ring a bell. So allow us to explain. Jack Lang is a french minister since decades and is involved in half of pedorings in France. Always cleared by justice but always mentioned by victims. He has cases against him for raping young boys in Morrocco, also cleared by the pedo gov. And a lot more… Accused by a french official to have raped a disabled little boy, his head in a bucket full of shit, sodomized to death… Also the one who received money from epstein… Mitterand is, yes, from the former president family and confess himself in his books that he loves going to Thailand to enjoy little boys and said on live TV that he dislikes boys over 13 years old because (and I quote) “above, it’s disgusting”. For Bergé, he is the former YSL boyfriend and was involved in the same cases as Jack lang. You can find more about each of them and there pedo cases on our website, using the search bar.)

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