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November 04, 2020: It is by recruiting and wanting to appoint a new director for the permanent orchestras that Roselyne Bachelot (French most idiotic minister in France) will be forced to turn back. She had chosen Pascal Dumay, pianist and former director of the Paris Conservatory of Music. The paedophile had stayed only one year in office before being fired for possessing, downloading and sharing pornographic paedophile files. It was ONLY when social networks began to share this promotion / information that she played the revolting outrage and announced she cancel the promotion.. She will say, in the most absolute falsehood because, as we know, it is IMPOSSIBLE that she was not previously informed about Dumay’s trial and its outcome: Sentenced. Because, yes, that man was convicted and sentenced in 2010. Well… Sentenced is a big word. Conditional sentence is not a condemnation. It is the admission, when it concerns high profiles such as this scum, of the protection that the latter enjoys by the country’s paedo-judicial institute. Bachelot’s big liar, in addition to having probably the lowest IQ of any French politician in the last 50 years. The one who, we must recall, had created a total fake, by making people believe, filmed by national TV channels, that she was vaccinated against H1N1 in 2009, receiving of course a good old placebo in front of the cameras, to promote the poison to the French people. The umpteenth not so dangerous disease created from scratch by French criminal labs in order to get rich. It was a big mistake at the time. They had not put the means (of corruption) sufficient. They learned from their repeated mistakes for the Covid, it seems obvious. But let’s start again. It was just a small parenthesis to remind us that, as usual, everything is linked. Whatever crimes these criminals are guilty of, who all deserve only the guillotine, you will always find them everywhere and on every level of planetary organized crimes. Pedophilia included. What really happened? They thought that nobody would remember about Dumay.


1985 – 1990 : Director of the Academy-Festival des Arcs
1988 – 1993 : General Director of the Festival d’Île-de-France (financed by the state)
1989 – 1993 : He creates “Campus à l’Oreille”, again financed by the state, taking place in a dozen universities and “grandes écoles” in the Île-de-France region.
1990 – 1993 : He initiated the Rencontres Musicales de Villarceaux, financed by the state.
1993-1996: Director of Warner Classics. Who belongs to the Warner Bros, where Jack Lang’s daughter, who is in the black book, is a top executive. Interesting, isn’t it?
1995 – 2000: President of the French Youth Orchestra (OFJ). Appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Who was the Prime Minister? PHILIPPE DOUSTE-BLAZY, under the presidency of the cocaine addict president JACQUES CHIRAC. Douste-pédo-blazy being nationally known to be a child rapist, involved in the cases of Alègre, Dutroux, Mamounia . A paedo always hires paedos…
1996 – 2000 : Director of France Musique, and a whole bunch of other positions at Radio France. Hired by Michel Boyon (director of the radion from 95 to 98) and kept in post by Jean-Marie Cavada.
2000 – 2009: Advisor to the Ministry of Culture (by Catherine Tasca who was then Minister of Culture). And also in the direction of music, dance, theater and shows (DMDTS). In 2005, he was appointed delegate for music within the DMDTS, (General Directorate of Artistic Creation DGCA).
September 2009 : Director of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris appointed by the …? FREDERIC MITTERAND, French Minister, THE RAPIST OF LITTLE BOY UNDER 14 YEARS OLD (known in France for having said on national TV that, sexually speaking, he did not like to sleep with boys over 14 yo…). This is when he is finally caught.
2012 – 2015 : Managing Director of Outhere Music France (regrouping: (Aeon, Alpha, Arcana, Fuga Libera, K617, Outnote, Phi, Ramée, Ricercar, Zig-Zag Territoires) It is necessary to believe that his judicial past does not worry many people. It’s a Belgian company, well, well, well…
Nowadays : Consultant – Consulting and cultural engineering and is located in Créteil, Île-de-France.


  • September 2009: Then director of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris thanks to the pedo FREDERIC MITTERAND, he is caught.
  • Crimes: CP Possession, downloading, distribution and sharing of child pornography files of very young children (7 / 8 years).
  • In charge of the case: Regional Directorate of the Versailles Criminal Investigation Department
  • In charge of investigating the case: Criminal Court – Versailles Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Confession: He denied then confessed. He will say “I was not aware that behind these images, there are networks that exploit and rape children” Yeah of course we believe you little piece of shit !!!!!!!!
  • Important fact: Mitterand had given him a luxurious state-paid apartment in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. (paid by the citizens by taxes…)
  • The victims on the paedo files: Boys and girls of and 7/8 years old on average.
  • Paedophile site: Only one Belgian site is mentioned.
  • Files held: Several hundred files depicting rapes of very young children.
  • March 05, 2010: He was sentenced by the Versailles Criminal Court to four months in prison with a suspended sentence and a fine of only 1500 euros. Prohibition of contact with minors.
  • His known friends : Douste-blazy, PedoFred Mitterand, Bachelot
  • Important but missing facts : The name of the judge: Impossible to get, pedojustice has concealed the information. His entourage: A man working for a ministry and radio france is always in picture a little bit everywhere. The case dates from 2010, the pedojustice had time to remove all these photos …

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