PATRICK DENIS FINET – Dismissal despite he ran away after his arrest warrant

Patrick Denis Finet Pedophile Maroc Mamounia Mandarin Oriental


  • Date: Since 2011/2012
  • Incriminated : Patrick-Denis Finet
  • From : France
  • Job : Director of Mandarin Oriental
  • Countries: Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Mauritius
  • Acts : Rape of little boys, possession of child pornography content
  • Verdict: Failed to appear despite fleeing the country, despite the arrest warrant and despite the fact that he was never arrested or heard. The trial ended up with a complete dismissal of the case
  • Important place : La Mamounia (known to be a elite’s pedophile lair)
  • Connections : Through these lawyers, we go back to Darmanin… (French Official)
  • Corruption 1 : His passport taken away and gave back few hours later
  • Corruption 2 : Police searched for the victims during only 1 day
  • Corruption 3 : Succeeded in escaping from Morocco despite an arrest warrant.


In 2011, when he was in charge of the opening of the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, bailiffs discovered more than 15,000 photos and about thirty porn videos in his computer. His passport was confiscated, it will be returned to him a few hours later and he will flee. Minors (often young boys) were thus brought in an unmarked car, often weighted down with condoms and alcohol, to the hotel where this regular of the Mamounia and the Royal Mansour had his apartments. He liked to take naked baths with them or bring them to his room away from prying eyes, according to the testimonies of various employees (drivers, gardener and janitor). (Source 1, 3, 5 ) The victims were searched for but none were identified because the police only searched for the children for one day! (Source 4 and 5).

In 2012, associations aware of the case will become civil parties and lawyers will ask for an international arrest warrant in vain! The same year, a referral to the court of Marrakech will be ordered to answer for the facts of prostitution and participation in the exploitation of children for child pornography. Its drivers will be condemned at the end of the trial. Finet will benefit from a lack of prosecution. (Source 2) Finet’s attorneys were none other than Pierre-Olivier Sur and Mathias Chichportich, attorneys for Gérald Darmanin, Frigide Barjot (Virginie Tellenne), and François Thual, a great friend of Frédéric Nesenshon and grand master of the GLMM. (Source7 and 8) Patrick has been able to combine business with pleasure by working in cities with high prostitution like Chiang Mai in Thailand, Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Marrakech or Mauritius where he is currently CEO of a lounge/private room for VIP departures and arrivals. To this day, he is still free. Interviewed by the newspaper Le Monde he said:

“Touching children is something that disgusts me.[…]I have been working with Mandarin for ten years, I spent three years in Thailand and four in Mexico. I’m just an instrument that serves to stain the group and I want to be washed of these ignominies.”. (Source 6)

And you think we are gonna believe you… Sure…

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