PEDO : Jean Michel BAYLET – Politics & Medias

jean michel baylet le pedophile


  • NAME : Jean-Michel Baylet
  • JOBS : politics & medias
  • VICTIM’S NAME: Nathalie Collin
  • CRIMES : kid’s Rapes & abuses
  • DATE : 1980 to 1984
  • PLACES : Paris (France) on a boat and on the minister’s car
  • INVESTIGATION : 9 June 2020
  • VICTIM’S TESTIMONY : 12 august 2020
  • PEDO HEARING : End of February
  • HIS LAWYER : Me Jean-Yves Dupeux

The Case

While Baylet is president of the Radical Left Party, one of his close collaborators, Yvon Collin, former PRG senator of Tarn-et-Garonne, has become friends, they share so much! So close to Collin that they spent their vacations together with their respective families. Trust was established… Trust or manipulation? Nathalie Collin will speak more precisely of being held under a spell, as will several of her relatives. She is 12 years old, he is 35. In her childhood eyes, in her memories, the man who would become her rapist was her lover. But when she revisits these flashes, she relives painful moments with precision, the details going as far as the smells. One wonders how her parents did not spot anything while several witnesses relate ambiguous situations, abnormal between a girl hardly teenager and Baylet, three times her age. These same witnesses even speak of photos exposing this unhealthy relationship. One of these witnesses, a close friend of the pedo, Jean-Claude Guy had alerted some elected officials of Tarn-et-Garonne in 2012 and Nathalie had been heard by the police, she had not had the strength to confirm these accusations. About ten years ago, a relative of the family reported facts of rape to the prosecutor of Montauban, but Nathalie still refuted the accusations. “But it was false, I was simply not ready”. “We are petrified of guilt, shame and that the revelation is a threat to the balance of the family.” Yet four years ago, she faced her suffering and shame and decided to tell her parents. She also sends a text message to the pedo Baylet to “explain and qualify the facts.” The only answer from the pedo, sent two weeks later, shows such contempt: “But who are you? A stab in the back would not have hurt more. Today, she decides to speak and to denounce what Baylet made her undergo.

The Baylet’s Empire

JMB is the son of Jean Baylet, radical deputy-mayor of Valence-d’Agen and of Evelyne-Jean Isaac. When Jean died, Evelyne took over the management of the Dépêche. She was a general councillor for twenty-six years (1959-1985), mayor of Valence-d’Agen for nineteen years (1959-1977), and in 1970, the first woman to chair a departmental assembly. It should be noted that she appointed René Bousquet, former head of the Vichy police, as administrator of the newspaper. Moreover, both were great friends of François Mitterrand. In 1971, she integrates her son Jean-Michel in the group and then he takes over the mayor’s office of Valence-d’Agen and the general council of Tarn-et-Garonne. He is always in his mother’s lap! His nickname in the business is “the calf under his mother’s skirt”.
In 1985, Marie-France Marchand became his wife a few years before becoming the companion of Laurent Fabius. She took over the financial committee of the La Dépêche group as well as the Foundation of the same name. JMB has three children: Victoria, in charge of the “La Dépêche” Foundation, Jean-Nicolas, deputy director of La Dépêche du Midi and then deputy general manager and director of the publication Jean-Benoît, who co-owns the Viking company with his mother. A family business that mixes journalism and politics … JMB boasts, “It is one of the few newspapers still independent in France. The capital belongs almost 100% to my family. And we intend to continue to carry its initial values: freedom, equality, fraternity, secularism, universalism, solidarity.” Independence, really? A former employee of the newspaper will say, however, under cover of anonymity: “There are no instructions from above, but the editors of the local hierarchy themselves information according to the interests and positions of the boss. Others will argue that the newspaper is only a propaganda tool that supports its multiple political hats. “An influence far greater than its circulation”. Following the Alègre case, Dominique Baudis blamed La Dépêche (french newspaper) and JMB, considering that the newspaper’s coverage of the investigation was deliberately biased against him. JMB also knows how to be convincing: “It is only by fear that one manages to be respected”. And then the pedo is president of the Syndicat de la presse quotidienne régionale, which must make it easier to establish his monopoly and control. Nothing is left to chance, his opponents and detractors pay a high price by being smeared or simply censored in the group’s newspapers. Integrity, impartiality? Not so much. Baylet was able to build a substantial political career for himself, a place in this milieu of connivance and influence. He entered politics in 1973 by founding with Robert Fabre the Movement of Left Radicals (MRG). Secretary of State and then Minister between 1984 and 1993, he resumed the position of Minister in February 2016 to the Territory Development, Rurality and Territorial Communities. Baylet is also the former president of the Radical Left Party (PRG) from 1996 to 2016 and then senator in left-wing governments, under the presidency of François Mitterrand (former french president), the great friend of his mother (whom he supported during his campaign just like Macron in 2017) and then of François Hollande. Today, he is mayor of Valence-d’Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne), general councilor and then departmental councilor for more than 35 years, not to mention his position as president of the community of municipalities of the Two Shores. In short, it is not a citizen lambda … Some gravel in this career well-oiled despite everything. In 2016, a deputy accused the minister Jean-Michel Baylet of having assaulted a collaborator. “She was at your home, when you ”hit her in the face several times” Mr. Minister. You locked your collaborator in your home, and you “forced her, under the threat of further blows, to write a letter of resignation” You chased your collaborator out of your home, in the middle of the night, “completely undressed and barefoot”. His pathetic answer pretended to clear him of any guilt. One can romanticize everything, but there was a judicial investigation in this case. It was closed without continuation. This proves that things did not happen as you say, the public prosecutor would never have closed the case if things were as you say. Hop hop hop Jean-Mi, you forget to say that your parliamentary assistant Bernadette Bergon, had subsequently accepted a transaction with you in exchange for the withdrawal of her complaint of violence.

It must be said that his empire generates a lot of money. In 2007, the Baylet family was ranked 480th among French professional fortunes with an estimated fortune of 61 million euros according to Challenges.
The La Dépêche group includes: La Dépêche du Midi, L’Indépendant, Midi Olympique, La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées (Tarbes), Le Petit Bleu d’Agen, Le Villefranchois (Villefranche-de-Rouergue), La Gazette du Comminges (Saint-Gaudens), Midi libre, Centre Presse Aveyron, Le journal de Millau, Internet, La Dépêche du Midi, Club Abonnés La Dépêche du Midi or La Dépêche Premium, RugbyRama. fr, Midi Olympique, Le Petit Bleu d’Agen,, Dépêche interactive, Midi-Libre, L’Indépendant, Centre Presse, La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées, Audiovisual, La Dépêche News (press agency).
Of course, money and power are synonymous with abuse. Accustomed to the monopoly, to the authority of function, the overflows are inevitable. Danièle, Jean-Michel, Marie-France and Évelyne-Jean are thus condemned on March 13, 2003 to six months of prison with suspended sentence and 30 000 euros of fine for abuse of social goods, concealment of abuse of social goods, forgery and use of forgery. A conviction that will not prevent JMB to maintain his membership in the GODF (initiated in 1991) while usually, any judicial conviction is a reason for radiation in Masonry. In November 2012, it is the official break with Yvon Collin following a case of corruption in the financing of an election campaign. In 2013, another bone. He is tried for “non-compliance with the provisions of the code of public procurement” but the statute of limitations of the facts will lead to an acquittal. In short, JMB does not tremble, justice is conciliatory once again. A career, a monopoly, a family, business, support, solid friendships, even fraternities. JMB feels he is above the law, above the rules, he imposes himself and crushes all resistance. A position of omnipotence that he imposed on Nathalie Collin. Underlying fascination, admiration, feelings of love? No, manipulation of a vulnerable and malleable child, impressionable, perversion and control. It took Nathalie forty years before she found the strength to file a complaint, but today she speaks out and expects everyone to see who JMB really is, a scumbag who raped a little girl. “It takes a long time to reconcile with the little girl you used to be and to give her the status of a victim”. With this complaint, she wants “the shame to change sides”. “I was 12 years old and I was raped by JMB. He is not only a powerful man, he is a pedophile.”

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