OPERATION TRINITY : Worldwide pedoring [1994-2019]

A massive network dating back to several other networks, led by two French and four Spanish men. Before being arrested, the goal for these little piece of shit was to set up an All Inclusive holiday’s package. Hotel room in Morocco (and probably in other countries), pedophile content on photos and videos and available victims to be raped : Many young boys from everywhere. Social services (as usual) being the place where they procured the vast majority of future victims. All men accused were placed into preventive detention since the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016. At the end of 2019, just before the trial, the pedo-corrupted-justice released them without any legitimate reasons. Jean-Luc Aschbacher, Christian Arson and Youssef En Naciri were able to leave the country and never be found again afterwards. Note that we keep the most interesting profile for the end and we will start with the networks preceding this one.

Datas and numbers

  • 45 countries involved
  • 28 pedoporn websites
  • 1 library from Catalonia that bought and sold pedoporn
  • 10 to 20 euros per rape
  • ImmigrantsBoys  / orphans / poor / foster kids
  • 75 identified victims
  • 28 victims found
  • 79 suspects found
  • 600 found customers 
  • + 1.000.000 of pedoporn files
  • Less than 13 yo : average age of victims
  • 3 rings in 1. A worldwide pedoring busted in the 80’s in USA, the Valencia pedoring (1996) then this one (2015/16)
  • Thousands of years behind bars. Spanish article with jail time the court was about to give.

The prosecuted ring’s leaders :

  • Christian Bernard Georges Arson (French – Jean luc’s boyfriend they lived together)
  • Jean Luc Aschbacher (French, website’s owner, previously a gay porn producer in France)
  • Jose Cardona Serrat (Spanish, retired jeweler)
  • Fernando Aguilera Garrido (Spanish, former policeman)
  • Martin Rafaele Chanza Almudever (Spanish, might be a teacher)
  • Miguel Avilez Fernandez (Spanish, might be a teacher)
  • Youssef An Naciri (Morrocan, former victim who became part of the ring)

Note that this list only refers, of course, to small strikes at the bottom of the pyramid and does not in any way reflect the high executive profiles of this network. As for Dutroux, as for Zandvoort, as for all this kind of criminal pedophile rings, only the bottom of the network is highlighted. Before going deep into this Spanish case, it is necessary to underline a very important fact: Among the network’s leaders, some have been indicted in the past for similar criminal activities, mixing huge pedophile networks over the years. One of these networks will be the first to be called “the largest in the United States” back then in the 80’s.

Jose Cardona Serrat

Jose Cardona Serrat was already charged in 1996 for a similar case of pedophile ring. The network of Valencia (Spain) . At that time, these accomplices were: Vicente Soler (who will be murdered after his acquittal during the trial) , Thomas Mc. Guire, 50, former professor of computer science in a private school in Puçol and also wanted by the North American justice system. He was involved in a pedo network dating back to the 80s in the USA. But it was not another network, it was exactly the same. In the early 90’s the USA got their hands on the organizers. McGuire exported pedo content to the USA from Spain. On site, “Eugene”, his contact for distribution in the U.S., resold the videos. This network at the time was enormous. It was, it should be mentioned, what the United States considered to be the largest pedophile ring in the country. Eugene Leithiser, was an elementary school teacher, distributor and national seller of pedophile content. Brian G. Doherty was also part of the network at the time. Then came in 1996 the pseudo fall of the Valencia network where McGuire and Cardona Serrat will be identified. A single network that has been operating for almost 40 years. Jose Cardona Serrat then filed a complaint with the international human rights tribunal, ruling that his provisional imprisonment was unjustifiable. The court will prove him right … You can access the official PDF here. There are many men involved in the 1996 case, less important men who are not mentioned here. You will therefore find above a screenshot of the organization chart in order to know their names. Note that Martin Rafael Chanza Almudever was also part of this Valencia network. So let’s continue with his profile.Spanish Newspaper from 1996(1/4) – removed article from google concerning the criminal case in the 80’s (2/4)American News paper copy(3/4)few other names in another newspaper(4/4)

Martin Rafael Chanza Almudever. He was also part of the Valencia network in 1996, he is supposed to be a school teacher but little information is available about him. He has been sentenced several times (read this Spanish article) and released each time. Added to this man is another anonymous whom we know to be from Granada, Spain, and who, according to our research, is also a teacher, the pedophile named Miguel Aviles Fernandez.

Now let’s move on to the profile of Fernando Aguilera Garrido . Fernando is a Spanish man, a former cop converted into a seller and producer of pedophile content. The Spanish authorities consider him to be one of the leaders of the Barcelona network, alongside Aschbacher and Arson. Right on the photo, Christian Arson . A Frenchman who owned a business in the south of La Ciotat (France) and whose deep state was quick to delete information relating to it. Falsification of official papers? You might be able to believe it because when you search for this said company, the name was changed to display only “Monsieur Christian Arson” . It’s known, everyone who create a business is calling it Mr. or Mrs. with his name and surname. Strictly speaking, we could think that it was only a fortuitous detail and that indeed, the company was stupidly named so. Except that when you look at the company’s registry on societe.com,a french website, it also misses the street number of the company, limited to a street and a city name. Okay, let’s say that here too we play naive and move on to another detail. The date of creation of the company: 01/01/1900. He was not even born. Interesting to create a company with a company his own name before its own birth. Such a joke… And it’s not over, far from it. The Siret number (the siret number is an INSEE code which allows the geographic identification of any French establishment or business). No matter how much we searched through all the business registries available online, we never found this company. Every-fucking-where it was indicated as incorrect. Translation: FALSE. Is it legal? We have some doubts about this. Understand this; A company name can be traced back to other individuals through our searches. A specific address with a number can tell us who lived there before, after, during, as well as the owner of the premises and any managers of other companies based at the same address. To conclude on this ridiculous act of falsification of obvious official registries, and for the date of creation we could have been able to find any informations by crossing other data related to the years of creation.

Christian Arson is one of those who had the privilege from the corrupted justice to be able to leave his preventive detention just before the trial and was thus able to leave the country to no longer to be found.

But let’s go back to the story of this network. Christian Arson lived in the Barcelona region, he is Jean Luc Aschbacher’s right hand man. They were both producers of gay porn movies before the 90s in France. With the advent of the internet, the gay VHS porn movie business died. They recycled themselves and converted there business to sell pedophile websites. There are 28 known websites but it’s very likely that there are many more. It should be noted that, even if many of these websites were stopped at the time of their arrest between 2015 and 2016, after verification, we can confirm that some are still online and active. One of these websites always has the same vocation. As an example of one of them we found : It is a mirror website, the name of which cannot lead to confusion, with something like “boys sex” which links to a landing page offering websites titles like “clip without adults” . Clips without adults, we can see very well what this refers to… We have not gone any further, but we can confirm that the source code is professional, that the mirror site refers to several other websites, that the host of all this shit is bodis.com and that, finally, the websites registered in the first placeunder the name of Jean-Luc Asch are now anonymous and some always active.

Youssef En Naciri

Youssef En Naciri , born in Morocco, is a former victim of Christian Arson and Jean-luc Aschbacher. When he became an adult, when the pedophiles were no longer interested in Youssef, since he was too old for their tast to be raped, they used the young Moroccan to find new victims, poor / abandoned young boys for their pedophile trafficking. Youssef has in turn become an aggressor. The police found child pornography content, mentionning that the individual were with young victims. It was also mentioned that he helped produce pedophile movies and pictures.

Youssef En Naciri is also one of those who had the privilege from the corrupted justice to be able to leave his preventive detention just before the trial and was thus able to leave the country to no longer to be found.

Jean Luc Aschbacher
Jean Luc Aschbacher , the worst and most important for the end. A Frenchman, also known by the pseudonym of Jean-luc Asch, is the owner of pedophile’s websites and probably the traffic manager. When we say “manager”, we are not talking about the big boss of the network. If we dwell on the information available from the police, this man is just another important handler, nothing more. He didn’t even seem to have near the lifestyle of a man with such a network. When we know that such a large traffic can generate up to several billion euros per year, there is absolutely no doubt that he was not at all the high profile leader in the shadows this organization which , lets remind it, has been going on since the 80s if we go back to Thomas McGuire and the Spanish / American traffic by which we find members of the current Barcelona network and – a few years earlier – the Valencia network. Officially, the network was set up in the 2000s. However, the company of this little piece of shit was created in 1991/92, proving once again the obvious connection by the evidence and the presence of Jose Cardona Serrat in all the cases, from the oldest to the most recent one. Here is a a PDF file listing all of the picture (blurred when they are the contents found at Aschbacher) .
He is the third and last who escaped justice by being freed from preventive jail before the trial and able to run away with his friends from the country.


In Malaga, investigators found that another client was a high school teacher who used his job and position of authority to approach his students for sexual purposes.

In Cantabria, a preschool worker was arrested. At his home, the Guardia Civil found pedophile photos of the children at the school, as well as underwear.

And few others with not enough valuable informations


  • No MSM spoke about the case. The only ones to have done so are Spanish media having (except one) modifying crucial informations very surely on a voluntary basis or under request of unknown entities linked to the case. Worldwide, unless we are mistaken, only SPUTNIK mentioned this case and made an article.
  • It has been said by everyone that the men who were free before the trial were now wanted by INTERPOL. We regularly check on the Interpol website. At the beginning of 2020, they are still no mention of any of them in there website despite the Spanish media emphasizing that they are.
  • They benefit from the support of high profiles, most certainly those who are the real leaders of this pedo network, in order to be able to get out of the preventive prison just before the trial and therefore escape and avoid the life imprisonment that the court was about to give them. Because under these conditions, it is certain that they would have give up names of those running the pedo ring. Those in the shadows, those who will never be worried. And so, we can only understand that these highly protected men where helped by those they worked for.
  • Facebook has cleaned up the profiles of some of them in an exceptional way, modifying up to the source code of the page of certain profiles. The code is unique and does not match any other profile on the platform. In fact, certain things that can be extracted can no longer be extracted (example: access to the picture’s profile in a format other than a thumbnail) The profile modifications were made in 2018, i.e. 2 years after his detention on remand and little long before his unjustifiable release from prison.
  • An incredible clean-up was put in place on the Spanish side and in France where some guys were falsifying official documents? (Christian Arson company)


The team is proud to tell you that we have put together some hard proof materials that needs to be completed and will soon be published. In the meantime, try to check regularly this page to see if there’s any updates.


And here is finally the HUGE proof that we did not have the courage to unveil earlier… We honestly thought that we could be supported by more important supports than ours in order to protect this work… But people with a well hung pair of balls, unfortunately, doesn’t exist anymore. You should know that most of the so-called “very big dissidents” didn’t even answer our calls. Anyway, that’s it. Here is the exclusivity we shared in our documentary of September 12, 2020. (in French for now…)

  • Jean Luc Aschbacher worked for Gerard Menoud and Michel Ricaud
  • Menoud was considered the “king of porn” in the 80’s.
  • Menoud recieved porn materials from Daniel Messinger.
  • Messinger, Swiss billionaire who ran away and is still wanted by the police was accused of producing child porn in his luxurious villa in the south of France.
  • Messinger and Menoud are connected to Nihoul and Dutroux. (see declassified file available on wikileads or our organigramme at “dutroux”. It is the last pdf in the list)
  • Pedoporn from Messinger/Menoud, were found in the ZANDVOORT CDROMS.
  • Menoud worked with and employed Jean Luc Achbacher… source 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Jean Luc Aschbacher had a company (the one who got busted to hide pedoporn network in Spain) called ASCHCOM PRODUCTOS SL
  • This company has as official address 46 calle tapioles / Barcelona
  • There is a second company at the exact same address : SALE ADULT LINE ONLY SL
  • Aschbacher was the generale manager of this company
  • This company belongs to FREDERIC ERNEST NESENSHON
  • There is only ONE man having this particular name and he is French.
  • He is the owner of many companies but one has a very special address… Few numbers down the street avenue Foch (paris) of the Epstein’s appartment…
  • Nesenshon is a Chancelor of the international freemason lodge un Memphis Misraïm. (they have deleted the page a few weeks ago and even managed to have some archives removed… Please note that if this archive disappears too, we have “filmed” copies, PDF copies, online copies on anon servers and there are about ten of us who have a copy of the whole file)
  • Nesenshon made campaign for MACRON. Source 1, 2, 3.
  • He is a great friend of Michèle Alliot-Marie (she is Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and european parliament…). Source 1, 2, 3.
  • He is a member of a politico/freemason group Le chêne.
  • He travels a lot in middle east and is the “godfather” of many very young boys… One of them, pictured with him in his arms, can be seen in tears on his facebook page…


Aschbacher works for a paedophile network connected to Dutroux and Zandvoort then leaves to settle in Spain to take up the flame of a network which exists since the Eighties and of which no government (USA and European countries included) puts totally down. He works for Nesenshon in a company that also does porn (Sale adult line only sl), then sets up his own company (aschcom productos SL) to set up a kind of “all inclusive” paedophile travel agency with hotels in Morocco. He gets caught in 2016, is put with his buddies in preventive detention to be then released the day before the trial and allow his escape. He is wanted by Interpol but is NOT in the Interpol registers. He is the former manager of a big French FM company that has a business a few numbers away from Epstein avenue FOCH. He is now on the run and the pedojustice of any country does not open an investigation on his former employer who, however, still has his company active at the same address as the one of the network that is supposedly dismantled. We won’t let you go, we have other leads and we KNOW that there are other guys behind it (we already have the names, just some evidence is missing). A network that connects many others !!! Keep that in mind !!! TRINITY / ZANDVOORT / DUTROUX / VALENCIA / USA , there is ONLY ONE NETWORK !



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