PEDO TRAVEL AGENCY – Fischer Case [2020]

Klaus Berno FISCHER – 73 yo – Berlin (Germany)

Klaus born the 22th April 1947 in Berlin. Lives in Santissino west of Rio de Janeiro. Lives in Brazil since the 80’s. Married, children and grandchildren who have been distancing themselves from Germany for years because they do not accept Klaus’ lifestyle. His passport was made in Kronberg / Taunus. He has a travel agency FISCHER TRAVEL CONSULTING created on October 2016 at 189 rua zoroastro de Cunha Santissimo Rio de janeiro phone : (21) 3126 0610.

Investigators arrived at the scene after a mother complained to the 35th PD (Campo Grande) about abuse against her daughters, aged 12 and 14. She was accompanied by a friend, who also has a 5-year-old daughter. August 13th 2020 search and arrest of Fischer. 30,000 video files found in a false wall. When the agents of the 35th PD (Campo Grande) arrived at the Santissino studios (western zone of Rio), Fischer fled through a back door. He was found wounded and tied up in the Seropedica forest, Baixada Fluminense. The place used as a studio had, according to the police, false walls and safes, in addition to various erotic devices that would be used on children. Witnesses heard by the 35th DP (Campo Grande) during the investigation into the production of child pornography videos by German Klaus Berno Fischer stated that children were subjected to sadomasochistic rituals, suspended from the studio ceiling with handcuffs and pulleys, and whipped by Fischer. Source 1, 2, 3.

According to the investigations, two people were responsible for attracting minors to the communities around the house. Payments, clothing, and gifts were offered to attract victims. There, the German would record the minors on photos or videos by raping them. The civil police are working on the hypothesis that the German used a tourism business as a front to cover up sex tourism. Well at this stage, I’m not sure that we should talk about hypothesis… The company under investigation is located in Copacabana. Bank accounts and tax data must be subject to a breach of confidentiality, to confirm the hypothesis. The owner of the tourist agency is constantly travelling to Germany where he had a permanent residence. An investigation is underway to determine the connection between two Germans and a Brazilian who have direct contact with Klaus and who may have been aware of the project. This case is clearly reminiscent of the Spanish Trinity Network with Jean Luc Aschbacher at the head. He too, with these paedophile buddies, was setting up a travel agency for the Maghreb “all inclusive” with children available to be raped… On top of that, the travel agency made by Klaus was exactly at the time the Aschbacher’s one was taken down by the Spanish police in 2016. Strange coincidence. Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.