ROZENBAUM – The one connecting them all

PEDOLAND FRANCE – The one that connects them all. The dramatic story of a mother and her child trapped in the untouchable circle of the French elite.


S. is a mother deprived of her children for several years. Her fault? To have denounced the horrors undergone by her children. The author of these horrors? A man that nobody would imagine is a monster, a pedocriminal. A man whose career and reputation are well established. However, behind this mask hides a filthy, vicious individual: WILLY ROZEBAUM. His reputation is quite incredible. One could even be totally admiring in front of so much investment in the service of medicine and its evolution. However, do not believe that all this is only the result of hard work and exceptional skills. You can imagine that all this beautiful world works mainly with blackmail and privileges. In short, small arrangements between friends. We know the song.

  • Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals – Saint-Louis Hospital for 32 years
  • President of COREVIH Ile de France Est
  • President of the Initial Benefits and Risks Commission of the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM)
  • President of the National AIDS Council and “co-discoverer” of the HIV virus with Jean-Claude Chermann of Luc Montagnier’s team
  • Head of department at Rothschild and Tenon hospitals for 15 years


  Rozenbaum has many friends, of course, and some we know well. Pierre Bergé. Ah, obviously, he is in all the dirty plans. Bergé opened his address book to him and introduced him to the one who served as president of France, far from being all white, Jacques Chirac. One can suppose that in gratitude for his discretion on the illness of his daughter, Chirac would have arranged all his jobs for him. We recall that Laurence, Jacquot’s daughter, suffered from anorexia. But why address a specialist of infectious diseases to treat a pathology such as anorexia? Unless the original idea was to hide the fact that these disorders could be linked to sexual abuse … So, only a sex maniac in search of notoriety would agree to cover up this filth. Well, to see him taking care of his pedo friend Guy Hocquenghem, of the FHAR (Front Homosexuel d’Action Révolutionnaire, still them…) suffering from AIDS, at whose house he spent some afternoons or evenings in company of Matzneff, Bergé, Christophe Girard, who is like a brother for him, Guillaume Pepy and Richard Descoing, it seems logical, but anorexia… Pepy and Descoing, does it speak to you? Pepy, head of the SNCF since 2008, and Descoing, director of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and administrator of the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, but also a member of the Siècle, met at the Conseil d’Etat in 1986 and remained a couple for years]. Moreover, there was also this minor, also anorexic, who came regularly to his house and whom he treated with neuroleptics and tranquillizers. A surprising dosage to treat an eating disorder, no? And what is this plague of anorexia? We understood well… A very adequate dosage to make the young lady submit to violent acts. WR was in the French Doctor community with Bernard Kouchner to export their “humanism” to Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cambodia. Ha humanism, poor countries … great arguments to camouflage their infatuation for the dirty. This curly-haired seducer, with a “devastating” smile, who reassures his patients with his attentive relaxation, is amused that he is suspected of being interested in AIDS because of sexual preference. To this, he replies: “I have not acted on my homosexuality, but that does not mean that I do not have homosexual impulses, like everyone else.  

Let’s talk about another of his friends, a man who has 800 of the most undressed friends on his Facebook, Claude Weisselberg. You know the one who was incriminated in the contaminated blood trial, in whose favor he pleaded. Rozenbaum definitely has many friends with unsavory resumes. But this is pure chance, let’s not doubt it! It is also pure chance that this pedo attended a conference of freemasons in Lille organized by Claude’s brother, Jean-Pierre Weisselberg. Let’s continue the tour of his friends, there is still so much to say. Rozenbaum is a friend of Michèle Barzach, former Minister of Health, who prescribed the pill to the young girls abused by Matzneff. Then there is Gilles Brücker, an epidemiologist, head of the public health service in the department of infectious and tropical diseases at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital. He is the co-founder with Kouchner of MSF and then of Médecins du Monde, and for five years directed the Institut de veille sanitaire. But not only … he is also the doctor and executor of Liliane Bettencourt’s will and a close friend of François-Marie Banier. He said about this affair: “Mrs. Bettencourt has an emotional bond with our daughter. She saw her often. My daughter is of age, Liliane Bettencourt wanted to make her a gift. Should we have objected? But who does this harm? I didn’t see any reason to oppose it”. Clean as a whistle, we tell you! And by the way, Brücker, his wife Christine Katlama and Rozenbaum, will also spend their vacations in skimpy clothes (even naked) in front of their children. S. evokes an incestuous climate which is not without recalling the facts reported in the Duhamel affair. One would think that these people are all from the same mold! And it will be during vacations in Saint Quentin la Poterie at his best friend Claude Weisselberg’s that we find him again naked, making unbridled remarks, oriented on sex with his naked children. Normal what! Band of nuts! Rozenbaum is also the one who, like his friend Gilles Pialoux, gets commissions, some envelopes in USD secretly deposited at hotel desks.


Just like our pedo, Pialoux is a member of several scientific boards for labs such as Abbott, Gsk, Gilead, Pfizer, Tibotec/Jansen, ViiVhealthcare and they are the ones who reward him (see pictures of the papers) for prescribing or promoting their drugs and vaccines via conferences Thus, he offers his guarantee as a professor to allow labs to obtain approval for the marketing of products. A real conflict of interest, isn’t it? … But that too is customary among these people. Pialoux is on all fronts: head of department at Tenon Hospital, vice-president of the French AIDS Society, editor-in-chief of VIH, columnist for the Express. Moreover, several of his collaborators/colleagues, who are highly rewarded, come to prostitute themselves on TV sets to spew the despicable propaganda of the laboratories. This is a far cry from medicine in the true sense of the word… Rozenbaum is also a friend of Jean Luc Roméro (Deputy Mayor of Paris) and of Christophe Michel. He attended their wedding (photo above). Christophe was depressed, he has since committed suicide. A death that was disguised by Roméro by making believe in an overdose during a gang bang with drug consumption. He had omitted to say that he permanently humiliated Christophe who was his boy to do everything.


Willy Rozenbaum, this ladies’ man who had 5 children with 3 different women, several of whom filed complaints for domestic violence. Eminent doctor in public, he treats the political and artistic media Tout Paris, but executioner in private. Today he is married to Christine Moucazambo (photo above), a young woman brought back from a trip to Reunion Island, younger by several decades, who hides her married name to avoid trouble with the medical community as she is project manager in the same hospital as WR. According to the minutes, Christine hits little A. One of his exes, who was constantly protecting all of WR’s children from their father’s violence, got a TV set thrown in his face during one of WR’s seizures. He had even tried to strangle this woman’s little daughter… Another former companion recounts the countless scenes of violence that she suffered to the point of filing a complaint against him and fleeing from him to protect her children. WR shows signs of very pronounced psychological disorders which this woman will say are the consequence of very disturbed links with her own mother. WR wants to be the one and only (the child) in the eyes of his companion (his mother) … very disturbing this projection. How could a man with this profile have reached such a status of notoriety and reference? Certainly because all the top brass above the little people is completely dysfunctional.
The mother remembers the other little girls of WR who called her on the phone to tell her that they didn’t want to sleep naked with their father and locked themselves in the bathroom, preferring to sleep in the bathtub, or another one who screamed in the living room accusing her stepfather of touching. A family atmosphere of the most disturbed, we can only notice that there were things of an extreme gravity. All or almost all of them are afraid of reprisals if they speak out, except one, S., the courageous mother of two children, B. and A. born in 2003 and 2008, who has been living a real ordeal for several years and who contacted us to denounce the intolerable actions of this patient.


  • February 2010 : rupture of the couple’s civil union
  • September 2010 : the JAF (judge of family affairs) fixes the alternating residence of the children knowing that WR asks for the exclusion of the mother
  • October 2010 : WR kicks the mother out of his house to install his new wife while his new house is not yet ready and he offers 150,000 euros for her to leave.
  • April 2011: first alarming words of his son who mimes fellatio gestures. Then visit to the children’s pediatrician, Dr. Charles Cygler, childhood friend of the father who will swear later before the board of doctors that he hardly knew him, does not deny the situation and suggests to ask Rozenbaum “to stop his practices” and sends the mother and her son to the child psychiatrist Dr. Didier Rabain. This Dr Rabain repeats that the situation is delicate because the father is not just anybody… He calls in front of the mother Professor Jean-Luc Charritat, head of service of the Trousseau hospital so that he “takes the file in hand”. Remember that Charritat is in charge of examining minors who are victims of rape. It gives one the shivers. Without forgetting that he is a member of the board of directors of the foundation La vie au grand air whose postulate is “accusations of incest occur at the time of separation, therefore the mother must be separated from the children”. But tell me, how can a professor of medicine in charge of young victims sit on the board of a childcare association at the same time?
  • May 2011: Charritat makes a false report to the Court for Children of Pontoise against the mother for child abuse, even though she has never met him. As well as several doctors who will also establish false reports, such as the expert psychiatrist Roland Coutanceau, the fan of TV shows. Not very deontological all that… It goes without saying that Rozenbaum has the long arm! She will learn later that Charritat, WR and Weisselberg are from the same medical school (1971). As they say “buddies like pigs! ” . So much so that a psychiatric report in favor of the mother was simply neutralized. In spite of the various requests made to the judges to have a copy of it, these requests were rejected and the shrink had to modify the contents under threat. Integrity of justice you say?
  • September 2011 when the juvenile brigade contacted Cygler, he retracted.
  • October 2011: The mother goes to the Brigade of minors in Créteil, the child will be examined at the hospital Henri Mondor. Following the examination, the hospital advises the mother to hire a criminal lawyer.
  • October 2012: First convocation before the JDE of Pontoise seized on report of the hospital Trousseau so Charritat and appointment of the psychiatric expert Doctor Michael Bonnière.
  • April 2013: The JDE of Pontoise, the judge Nicolas Gettler decides to place the children with the father without even waiting for the report of the psychiatric expert who will give his report 4 months after the hearing, filed on July 14, 2013. Another favor to WR … On this subject, a little anecdote: Jean Pierre Mignard, a tenor of the bar, came to see S. to tell him that he would return the children to him and when he saw who the father was, he retracted. For what reason? Fear? You’re kidding! He is still a friend of Rozenbaum’s, or rather a close friend, and a patient too. And especially, S. specifies to us that this cute was administrator of the funds of the Abbey of Ardenne, place dedicated to the pedophile writings, where are all the notebooks among others of Gabriel Matzneff. Ah and another precision, it is him who made the eulogy of Guy Hocquenghem in the church during his funeral. (Hocquenghem who militated for the decriminalization of pedophilia). Mignard is also the lawyer of Edwy Plenel (founder of Mediapart) whose daughter Eve is a friend of WR. It’s a small world …
  • July 2013: filing of the report of the psychiatric expert Dr. Bonnière who renders a work worthy of the psychology columns of a women’s magazine and who explains that he is not competent for children but does it anyway, by phone. Unbelievable. A complaint has been filed with the Val d’Oise Medical Association. Given the seriousness of the facts and the nature of the public service mission, it is the council of the order that filed the complaint and that is taking Dr. Bonnière to the disciplinary board. He will receive a reprimand from the Val de Marne Medical Association.
  • September 2014: A. the son returns from his father’s house with a significant mark on his back 7.5 cm long that his stepmother Moucazambo would have made him. We have a photo of this abuse but for the little one, we prefer not to publish it.
  • September 2014: filing a complaint with the prosecutor. Complaint closed.
  • October 2014: referral to the JAF of Créteil.
  • November 2014: the JDE Olivia Cligman (friend of Michele Dayan) of Créteil relinquishes the case.
  • December 2014: the JAF reinstates alternating custody and orders a battery of expert reports, intrigued by the mark on the child and stays the decision until June 8, 2015.
  • December 2014: Dayan the lawyer of WR and Rozenbaum initiate a rare and complicated procedure. Rare since it aims to short-circuit a judge who has restored the alternating custody and stayed the decision while waiting for the result of expert reports … Against a judgment of stay of decision, it is necessary to strike of appeal to ask the authorization to the first president of the Court of Appeal by justifying an emergency. And there the JDE of Créteil, removed from the case, issues a false summons which will be used by Rozenbaum’s lawyer at the hearing of the Court of Appeal to justify an urgency… The complaint for forgery (Urgent false summons) was closed, one guesses why.
  • 2015: A decision of the CSM recognized that the Judge Olivia Cligman had intervened in the file of the mother without being seized but no sanction for this judge. Her name is routinely called by Dayan at the beginning of every hearing to pressure the judges. She is since 2017 vice-president judge of children at the TGI of Paris, she has authority over the judges JDE. Let’s see…
  • February 2015: Armed with her false summons, Dayan will obtain an authorization to file an emergency appeal which will not finally take place until April 2015.
  • April 2015: The mother’s public defender, after the hearing, will refuse to continue citing threats to her career. At this same time, Marie GRIMAUD, media lawyer of the association Innocence in Danger, admits that the case is contaminated and suddenly deserts the case. Well, well…
  • June 2015: the Court of Appeal annuls the JAF’s judgment of alternating custody and restores custody to the father only, while a hearing of the JAF of Créteil was to take place 4 days later.
  • Since June 2016, S. has never had her children in her home.
  • July 2017: a hearing by Judge Florence LAGEMI, not registered on the docket (in clear without existence) decided on mediated visits through the Association Cithea Bastille, accomplice of this masquerade. Following the report set up by Charritat, a report for maltreatment is made, and the mother, accused of being responsible for the scarifications that B. has afflicted all over her body, sees her parental authority withdrawn by the judge Lagemi, Dayan’s friend… It will turn out that the report of Salome GRANDCLERC under the orders of Marie-Rose MORO was also a fake and that B. has in fact never scarified herself, they are strong!
  • 2018 – 2019 : S. did not see her children at all.
  • 2018 : WR’s network is extensive. After several attempts, he tried to have S. committed to the Salpêtrière hospital, a violent trial during which she was strapped down with leather ties, to be taken to Sainte Anne.
  • January 2020: The judge Nicolas Revel TGI Paris renewed the mediated visits, they begin in the Association Olga Spitzer (an association at the limit of the legality at the level of its statutes, completely complicit in all the files pedo/elite, perhaps the dirtiest of all in France cf Sylvie Heffinger, one of the victims of this armed arm collabo that represents O.Spitzer). She will only see her children 6 times and since then nothing.

As for his daughter, B., Rozenbaum had her committed to the Montsouris Hospital in order to muzzle her speech and maintain the hold he has on her, the same hospital where Duhamel had his adopted children committed during the first abuse alerts. What a coincidence! Could this be a hospital that serves pedos who fear that their victims will denounce them? The adolescent psychiatry department of this hospital is associated with the INSERM research unit of the Cochin hospital. In December 2020, a request for admission to a care-study clinic was underway for B… What is going on there? S. investigated, but since she no longer had parental authority, she had no way of learning more about her daughter’s situation.


CURRENT SITUATIONToday, S. is awaiting an appeal before the JAF and has been for 2 years. Why is everything taking so long? Because everything is locked up by Michelle Dayan’s networks. And then the lawyer and friend of the mother is unfortunately no longer in France and has also been threatened with public disbarment by Dayan. A complaint is underway for influence peddling and fraudulent judgement. Just that … Dayan is an octopus in this judicial machine. Michelle Dayan, who publicly announces during a hearing that she is on a “Shoah mission”, deserves to be investigated for her actions and her influence in this case, an influence that she barely conceals. As a member of the ZEN JAF (the Paris Bar Association’s body that acts as a link between judges and lawyers in family matters), she has the right to access all the court files. If she feels like eliminating some pieces, nothing could be easier! We can find her next to her friends at conferences like “mother and baby hold”, interesting! She is also President of the bogus association L4W Lawyers for women, an association whose address is her office… In our case, she has registered, not with her own little hands of course, fraudulently the lawyer Lee TAKHEDMIT at the bar of Paris without procedure, without visa of the president of the bar. Following a complaint for this fact from S., the President of the Bar Olivier Cousi must now denounce the lawyer and his band of criminals, a matter to be followed because to admit the fraud is to admit the involvement of the Paris Bar… Takhedmit was one of S.’s lawyers (previously the lawyer of the swapping couple and of the doctor in Poitiers) and just like another lawyer Alexandra LAMY, designated by the AJ, they will ask S. to renounce his rights but not to renounce the 6000 euros in fees of Takhedmit who will return half of it by legal action.

The story of this mother, who asked for euthanasia as the pain of this ordeal was and still is unbearable for her, shows once again that a whole organization is at the service of pedophiles to annihilate complaints and discredit the true protectors of children. We will be there to follow the development of this affair at the justice as are there, to supervise, persons having the necessary habilitation to assure the protection of S.