Our present western society, whose decadence is tinged with false prudery, is not satisfied with making women and men sexual objects. More and more, it is the children, from the youngest age, who are pushed to sexualize their bodies.

A recent example that has caused a lot of talk is the film “Mignonnes” (cuties). This feature film is supposed to denounce the hypersexualization of girls and their difficulty in knowing how to act when their bodies change, trapped between modesty and fashion, tradition and modernity. That’s on paper. When Netflix decided to release it, the poster was changed. It showed the young heroines in frankly sexual postures. This is what, according to many French media, created the controversy. The film had nothing to do with it, only the image chosen by the famous platform would pose a problem, and would prevent from understanding the real purpose of Mignonnes. Only, what about the passages in the film showing the “dance” practiced by the girls, the twerk? It’s despicable, disgusting, a clear call for pedophiles, an incitement to paluchage in front of kids who twist like strippers. Under cover of denunciation, we could show the worst crap? The stars adored by little girls show a deplorable example. Singers, models, actresses… Sell with their bodies and their asses. Imitation is of course normal, at an age when one is looking for one’s identity and femininity. Since time immemorial, girls have worn make-up and borrowed mom’s heels to play at being women. Just as boys have wanted to look manly in order to do like daddy. But can we say that this is where the problem lies? That hypersexualization comes from a desire of girls to imitate their idols or their mother? If we can’t pretend that it’s not part of the phenomenon, it’s far too simple to blame it on the girls.

It is up to adults to protect children, to show them the way. If we let little girls dress like prostitutes, wiggle around like pussies in heat, don’t we have a greater share of responsibility? Worse yet, we push children to step out of their role by looking like adults (and not adults with moral values). Thus, this collection for teenage girls presents models barely pubescent, in totally teasing poses, dressed in clothes sometimes too daring for many adult women. Jeanne Ofek, the stylist who imagined these clothes, what was she thinking of when she created this? What is she looking for? If her goal is to turn young people into mini whores, she is on the right path! And what do parents who order such frusques have in mind? Across the Atlantic, very popular contests feature very young girls in doll outfits and with make-up worthy of a paint can. The mini-miss, of very young girls set up as objects, most often by their mother, parade, take poses that are meant to be cute, are exposed to the eyes of all. A good way to attract freaks. A few years ago, a 6-year-old girl was found dead. A pedophile was recently accused of the crime. He said he loved her, and that her death was an accident. Although the police have doubts about his guilt, the possibility of a weirdo who would have seen in the little miss a good way to satisfy his unhealthy impulses is more than likely. In Colombia, children have paraded in swimsuits and thongs. Nothing shocking, according to the organizers.

If this tendency to make our daughters and teenagers into pseudo women continues, how many perverts will still believe that they have every reason to rape, since they would have been enticed by them? While a debate has been going on about how schoolgirls should dress, with everyone agreeing, can’t we imagine a happy medium? Neither burqa, nor naked! Children must remain children. Teenagers must have time to explore their sexuality. Apart from the fact that hypersexualization creates horrible ideas in the heads of pedophiles, giving them a justification for their actions with the famous excuse of “I thought she was older than her age”, this disconcerting phenomenon has potentially significant effects on the psyche of our young people. How can we build a true sexuality if we don’t know what respect for our bodies and modesty is? The obligatory drift is the total submission of adolescents to sexual desires that they think they have and that have been instilled in them as normal. Without knowing the basic principles of consent, knowing how to take one’s time and cultivate the mystery that is indispensable to the rise of the desire to discover the other, and the need to maintain a minimum of decorum, a generation of misfits is created. The fast-sex for objective, without flavor nor benefits, will lead to a host of psychological disorders. So, instead of turning our youth into individuals in the pay of the crazy, who can become crazy themselves, let’s do our job as adults and parents, and protect them from this nauseating drift that invades TVs, magazines, schoolyards …

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