SOS Children’s Villages, an umpteenth NGO not working for the latter, but which also seems to serve as an airlock for paedophile clients who may come to them to help themselves. Investigation on the reported facts.


  • Date: 1990 – 2021 / May 6, 2021 in the press
  • Target : SOS Children’s Villages
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Director: Elisabeth Hauser (Austrian)
  • International Director: Ingrid Maria Johansen (CEO of the International Federation)
  • Figures of the NGO: Presence in 137 countries, 550 structures, 40,000 employees, 1.2 million orphans or children
  • Crimes : Violence of all kinds and sexual abuse / child trafficking / corruption
  • Victims: Untold
  • Ramification around the NGO : Queen Noor of Jordan (honorary president of the NGO in Canada)


In the article in the Figaro (French newspaper), we learn from the outset that this association received complaints in Austria between 2012 and 2014, revealing facts that occurred over decades (spread over 40 years). Of course, this is spread over the long list of countries in which it operates. This time, it is particularly – and not surprisingly – in Asia and Africa that the abuses were reported. Without really knowing why, after decades of complaints, the media starts talking about them and the crimes committed within their establishments. The number of victims, probably staggering, is not disclosed. The director was offended, playing the innocent one who did not know anything about it, and set up an investigation unit and a fund of several million euros to help the victims. The article in Le Figaro, after some research, is in reality only a vulgar translation of an English article on the subject. We who thought that journalism was based on an investigation reported later in an article, laugh for a moment… (see source 2). We soon learn that the whistleblowers were – what they call – “dismissed” and that the children’s word was systematically questioned. Hauser described the facts in these terms: “our structures have, it would seem, some weaknesses”. If child trafficking spread over decades in these centers are only “weaknesses” in his eyes, there are not so many questions to ask about the fact that nothing was done during all these years… Disgusting… We then discover that a book listing everything that happens within this pseudo-NGO was published a few years ago. The book in question, originally written in German by Horst Schreiber, released in December 2016 – “dem schweigen verpflichtet: erfahrungen mit sos-kinderdorf” – is described as damning for the NGO. We tried – in vain – to find small excerpts from it to highlight the important passages. We couldn’t. Anyway, the investigation is ongoing and we will try to bring more information when it will be possible.

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