Is there a topic that is not yet on the website but has its place? A case not investigated by the team yet? An important news? Do you want to take part – in your own way – in the fight? You can contribute and submit your article to us. Here’s how it works:

  • The article must be synthesized, not too long and must contain sources (external url) for reference of the details contained in your article.
  • The article must be in text file format (no pdf)
  • The article must contain your pseudonym in order to be mentioned as the author.
  • The article must be sent to the email address below and must have the title “article submission”.
  • For the assholes : Useless to insert any kind of autoexe there, all the files are analyzed before opening 😉

contact us from any of our emails (menu/contact)

If your article meets the conditions, it will be added to the Fsociety website and translated if necessary for the French part of the website.