Welcome aboard ! Nothing will stop our fight, neither threats, nor censorship but sometimes the means can slow us down...

How your help can help us :

  • Funding for the operation of the website and related costs
  • Making prints
  • To pay the expenses of the field team in the hope of making their travel possible. (see section “the team” to understand what they do)
  • Material’s funding / content for video editing
  • SEO funding to be visible on search engines or even to hire a SEO pro for natural SEO.
  • Funding for a very large hosting plan to make it possible to host videos directly on the server rather than depending on platforms where they can be censored (it will take a lot of money but you never know …)

All the fees, so far, come straight from the pockets of the hard-working team members and we need the commitment of those who can. The amount spent approaches 800 euros. It is difficult to be able to accept the money of those who already work voluntarily as relentless and this, every day. If our means were sufficient, we would never ask for anything but at this stage, the commitment of those who are on the same fight as us is necessary.

Note: Even if we only find a monthly support not exceeding 20$, this will not prevent us from continuing so never feel obliged to help us. If you can, it’s great and we thank you. If you can’t, don’t worry 🙂 For Donations, note that they are automatically debited monthly. If you want to make a smaller or larger donation, click on “become a patreon” and choose the amount yourself. If you wish to do it only once, the following month, cancel your subscription on patreon.

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For those who prefers this method, we have made a ETH wallet :


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