SWINGERS CLUB – Netherland’s umpteenth pedoring [2020]

November 12, 2020 – Netherland… In Frenh, it’s called “pays-bas” which means “country low” and in our french article, we started with sarcasm around this name, country low, what a low country. The garbage place of Europe, like in France, a pedo’s lair for pedo elite… A stronghold of the paedophile elite, a European hub where child victims of trafficking pass through, protected by the political and royal caste, how many European networks do not pass through there? There are few… This case is just as sordid as most of it emanating from this country. Several swingers clubs with a list of clients probably of high standing whose names will never comes out, where innocent victims are brought for the pleasure of mentally ill people who only deserve the chair, or the rope, according to the preferences of each one… Pascal Pieters and his partner Tara D. are accused of having prostituted the couple’s two daughters hundreds of times in swingers clubs, in parking lots and in the couple’s garage for 11 years. It is obvious that there are many more victims and many more pedophiles and perpetrators but after investigation, the return from the hunt is meagre. Nevertheless, as it is our duty to do so, we will expose all that the team could have found in this file. Once again, you will see that it is the bottom of the ladder that falls to protect those above. After the arrest, the Garage Pieters owns in Waterlandkerkje was the target of a burglary/theft of money in 2017. They seemed to know the garage well, as the robbery took place in broad daylight and very quickly. Was there really a money theft or was it something else? Also, Pascal Pieters and the two suspects know each other. It is highly likely that they potentially came to empty the premises of the evidence that was supposed to be there? Last important point, when the case started and broke in the newspapers, these dogs did not even want to communicate neither on the content of the investigation, nor the age of the victims. It stinks, super fishy story. Guess why… And how do you think people’s “digital” identities are disappearing so quickly? Why no traces, no photos are available anymore? There is always a little pedojustice and/or pedostate behind to order their favorite bitches to clean up: Google, Facebook and cie…


  • 5 victims: 2 Children of Tanja D., 1 Girlfriend of her elder, 2 Other minors. Michelle 13 years old, abused from the age of 10 and Naomi 19 years old, abused from the age of 8 (Tanja D.’s children).
  • Caught: 2 pedos + clients of the garage/parkings (not identified) + Belgians in swingers clubs
  • Facts: 6-7 swingers clubs, parking lots, Pascal’s garage (company) In the cities of IJzendijke and Waterlandkerkje and freeway areas Krekraksluizen and in West Brabant in ZeelandVlaanderen and Belgium
  • Date of events: from August 2008 to June 2019
  • Trial date: Nov and Dec 2020
  • Lawyer for Pascal Pieters: Ruben Poppelaars Attorney: Wilfred Suijkerbuijk
  • Place of trial: court in Middelburg, Zeeland
  • Method: gave drugs (GHB), alcohol or sleeping pills to the children before “renting” them for money. However, the courts have not yet been able to prove that he received money from other men in exchange for sex with the girls (lol, of course) Did Internet Advertising / Chat used: Kik
  • More info : Pieters thus had a garage and a beautiful ferrari… How to afford such a car?

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  • Pascal Pieters/ 47 years old / garage owner, arrested on 17/06/19 in his garage following a complaint from the father of a victim. Already convicted of a sexual crime in 2004. Ten counts of indictment, including rape, exploitation, debauchery, trafficking in human beings, etc.
  • Tanja D. (Drews ?) / 44 years old (mistress). In the beginning, she went to swingers clubs with her daughter. She also wanted another child with Pascal to start the abuse at a younger age.
  • Third person heard (woman), but not stopped (probably Justin’s mother)
  • Others : unidentified customers. Yeah, right...

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