TEENYLAND – Germany – Child prostitution since 2010

TEENYLAND – Daimlerstraße 35, 50170 Kerpen – Germany

Very young women who appear to be underage are dressed as girls and are exploited to fulfill their fantasies by degenerate customers. These girls are considered a commodity, just look at the Teenyland entrance “Fresh YOUNG Fruit and Vegetables”. And also, “Teenyland” means “the land of teenagers”.

Teenyland Website description:
“Teenyland in Cologne is the only brothel that has specialized in young Teenie-girls. Of course you can also visit us personally and get an idea of what we are like. We are NOT a sauna club and, as a classic private house, we do not charge an entrance fee. Also, there is no bar (yet), except for special events. Our philosophy: the best women in Germany are waiting for you here. We work exclusively with colleagues who have a pleasant appearance and an appropriate social level, and who also offer a particularly extensive service. You will also not find any women who did not grow up in Germany or whose mother tongue is not German, or who have been living here for a long time. However, in no case will you find women imported from Romania or Bulgaria. We are not racist, but we are clearly opposed to international human trafficking and intra-European prostitution tourism. However, as female colleagues who start in our house are rare, we ask you to show understanding, that this concept cannot take into account the quantity.”

Sexselect.de description
“Hello and welcome to “Teenyland” in Cologne – Rath/Heumar – Germany’s only address for teenage girls and friends of lightness and youth. Dive into the world of high socks, pigtails and the happiness of liberated sexuality. At Teenyland, sweet Lolitas put aside their school books and trade the stress of finishing high school for the wonderful opportunity to discover their sexuality and try things that are taboo on the playground. This requires teachers who know what’s important, not just books to read. At Teenyland, the emphasis is on play and fun. True to our motto: “Come as a stranger, go as a friend”. P.S.: All girls are 18 years of age (although it doesn’t always look that way). Appropriate proof is available at the school. Have fun with an experience of a special kind.”

YouTube channel – Teenyland :

Large number of views compared to the low number of subscribers of the channel…
Video from 2012; RTL “report” for Teenyland’s birthday party (RTL, German TV channel belonging to Thomas RABE’s RTL Group broadcasting RTL in France, which mediates, therefore, Teenyland in Cologne). One of the most disturbing moments of the video happens when the “reporter” finds a young girl and says “let’s see what kind of underwear the girls are wearing”. He pulls down her pants and licks her crotch, declaring that “it tastes good” ….

It has to be said that Teenyland is not the only brothel in Cologne that specializes in teenage girls, and that of course Teenyland is involved in international human trafficking as well as in the deviant and pedocriminal intra-European prostitution tourism. Teenyland’s rooms look like children’s rooms, with teddy bears, desks where you can do your homework, etc. If you look at the terms they use for a moment, it’s clear that they are marketing the consumption of bodies, literally seen as products that “distributors” manage the logistics and supply of:

  • “Specialized in young Teenie-girls” : marketing
  • “The best women in Germany are waiting for you” : products
  • “Imported women” : products
  • “Female colleagues who start in our company are rare” : products

Two Teenyland addresses in Cologne

  • 1/Daimlerstraße 35, 50170 Kerpen, Germany girls-wohngemeinschaft.de — “Girls-wohngemeinschaft made by Teenyland”  “Our services: A fruit shop with sweet cherries and juicy plums. From the outside, well camouflaged as a fruit shop, you will meet here about 5 great and German speaking girls. The interior is clean and modern. There are 2 rooms with shower and whirlpool bath. All the girls are introduced to you and you are spoilt for choice. For 200€/hour, you get all the services the girls list in their “catalog” at no extra charge.” One wonders if Teenyland is really closed, because at this address exists a company called Villa Viamondo. An operating company (Villa Viamondo Betriebsgesellschaft UG) headed by Dominik LEBUS, active in 2021 and whose site redirects to girls-wohngemeinschaft.de
  • Dominik LEBUS – Villa Viamondo Betriebsgesellschaft UG Diamond GmbH + Karl-Heinz RAUH Nachtschwarz GmbH + Kubilay GECAJ + Ludmilla KROMM (Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany) + N8Rausch – Discothek & Event GmbH + Niklas TASCH (Tisch & Teurer Holding GmbH) + Benedikt SCHMIDT (BSW Konzept und Event GmbH ; Wust Jeanswear GmbH) 
  • 2/ Rösrather Strasse 336 DE-51107 Köln, Germany (nouvelle adresse) – Teenyland – “Kaspar DRATHEN Bordell — Teenyland”. The company is economically active. Company . Société n°5190977818 01711111676 — 01602969769 — postmaster@aixkremente.de
  • Kaspar DRATHEN +49 170 9306669 — teenyland@hotmail.de
  • Kaspar Graf von HEUMAR on facebook – Book author, erotic service provider and professional motivational coach for “red light establishments” (Rotlichtbetriebe). Kaspar shares posts about Teenyland on his Facebook page. JoyClub.de confirms that Kaspar Graf von HEUMAR is connected to Teenyland: “The brothel concept “Teenyland”, which always focuses on hiring women between 18 and 20 years old, has established itself as a successful business. But Kaspar Graf von HEUMAR is modest about it. He believes that ‘Teenyland’ is nothing more than the product of a simple market analysis…”

The pedo-google-feedback from Teenyland’s pedo-customers

Beware of nausea/desire to depopulate while reading this…:

  • Teenyland by Alex-Peter Peter, two years ago: 5 stars, “I was there 14 days ago. Spent time in the girls apartment and I must say was very, very pleased at first, I was a little shocked that a tall man with many tattoos opened the door for me, but as soon as he started talking to me I was very surprised and I immediately knew that he was a cool guy and a friendly employee to whom I could openly talk about my wishes. He gave me a tour of all the rooms in the store and explained to me exactly how it worked and that I would definitely get my money’s worth in the apartment. After the tour I was immediately offered Coke (or cocaine.. – “Coke offer”) and the girls all turned around little by little, there were some very pretty girls and I chose Kira and it was the right decision, I had fun and got my money’s worth… Best regards from the new regular customer Alex”
  • Avis Teenyland badgoitaly Don, two years ago : 5 stars, “very pleasant place and very clean”
  • Pub Crawl Cologne, two years ago : 5 stars, “Great address !”
  • Pub Crawl Cologne feedback for Freibad Tarnish :  “Best pool for those who want to swim. What strikes me is that there are always German customers.” (a priori, Pub Crawl Cologne is an event company specializing in traveling parties)
  • Avis Teenyland de Baran Cesme, two years ago : 5 stars,
  • Baran Cesmefeedback for Pub Crawl Cologne : “I had a great night! I met a lot of new people and honored them appropriately!”
  • Avis Teenyland de Bjö Gat, il y a un an : 5 stars, “I am very satisfied”
  • Bjö Gat publie feedback for Yes Sir.. (A)and for FKK Villa Hannover (B)

Let’s take a closer look at these companies:

  • (A) Yes Sir. It’s also a “brothel”. While “brothels” are supposed to be closed because of the covid pandemic, Yes Sir is open and offers to test for covid on the spot… YES SIR Hannover, Hamburger Allee 36 30161 Hannover0511 – 388 83 94 – kontakt@yes-sir-hannover.de – yes-sir-hannover. Karin AHRENS, the madam-director of Yes Sir, has been accused of trafficking in human beings, forcing women to work by terrorizing them, forcing one to have an abortion.
  • (B)FKK Villa Hannover. Another brothel. Still open. On the website of FKK Villa: “Unlike other brothels in Hanover, you will find attractive strippers and young strippers. All ladies are on the highest level – purely erotic. Feel free to retire with the ladies to one of our suites in the “FKK Villa”.” – FKK Villa Hannover, Am Tönniesberg 1, 30453 Hannover – 051143833415

Pedo-feedback from pedo-customers found on Teenyland related blogs online


  • Zumboit’s opinion (a connoisseur obviously): “… she was beautiful and quite the teenage fantasy I wanted… So it was 70+30+10. + 58 cab, so a total of 168 for a great teenage blowjob and fantasy. Not cheap, but not really that expensive for someone who rarely goes to Germany, and doesn’t trust P4P where it’s not legal. I totally recommend Teenyland for an alternative for those who don’t need a FKK party atmosphere, and much higher quality than RLD.”PovPursuit’s review: “The host, a friendly middle-aged woman, introduced me to a total of 5 girls. I chose Julia after the introductions, and also asked if Maja, whom I had seen in the photos on the website, was there for my second hour (she said she was on her way and would be there in a moment).

Forum Ignatzmice.com

  • Sir-William’s opinion, one year ago: “The system is equivalent to other brothels: they bring you into a room, you sit down, then the girls come one by one and introduce themselves… Teenyland’s claim is to have younger women and even if she wasn’t, she looked very young…. the selection is great.”

Prostitutiongesätz – Prostitution’s law

Germany is the G7 country where pimping is allowed. Germany is the country where minors cannot drink, vote or drive, but where they can enter “brothels” to take advantage of people who are prostitutes. Germany is also a country in which there are underage brothels set up by criminals… and clients who frequent these underage brothels. And in the areas where brothels are not allowed, there are sauna clubs; apartments; porn theaters; tea clubs; escorts; and of course, online prostitution. In Germany there are no official statistics on child exploitation. The law allowing the renting of one’s body was passed in the Bundestag in 2002… who else but the Green Party could propose the return of prostitution? what used to be sanctioned as pimping, is now allowed. The law presupposes that prostitution is a profession like any other. But it is not true and it will never be true! Exploitation for the purpose of prostitution exists in parallel to society. Literally. In terms of economy and geography. It is quite simple to understand if we take the example of Paris : with the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes on each side of the city ; the cradles of pimping which are, in the middle : Pigalle and the rue St-Denis ; and the thousands of massage parlors, apartments and other closed places scattered throughout the city, and in the suburbs. To return to Germany, in addition to legalizing pimping, the prostitution law transforms prostitutes into ordinary taxpayers and grants few social benefits. The government knowingly contributes to the daily exploitation of millions of people and the clients who pay to have access to adults in prostitution will also pay to rape a child under the cover of atrocious words like: “I have to accept the world as the legislator has made it for us”.

The impunity of the “teeny-brothels” in Germany

  • 2010 – Some parents rescued their daughter from one of the “teeny-brothel”
  • 2016 – “There was this girl who was 13-14 years old, very childlike. She hadn’t even developed breasts yet and was totally hairless. Her hole was super tight and I couldn’t penetrate her deeply. I hurt her and she pushed me away. Other than that, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to her, whatever came into my head. I relieved myself in her mouth several times, she swallowed it all. She gave me the creeps. Maybe she was on drugs. When I went back a few days later, she was gone.”
  • 2018 – “The girls there are very pretty. Unfortunately, one of them hurt my precious nuts a little bit because she was wearing braces. I don’t have anything else to complain about, except that some of the girls look like minors, but whatever.”

To sum it up, we have organized crime and hungry customers, supply and demand as in any market; whether it is “regulated prostitution” or “clandestine fetish prostitution of young girls so young that they seem to be minors”. In addition to these scourges, we must also stand up against the constant and growing glamourization of hypersexualized representations of prostitution in the media, which influences the youngest and encourages unnatural aspirations, such as the appetite for a “sex industry” that is absolutely de-dramatized. Let us remember that Germany is the country of Christiane F. (Christiane Vera FELSCHERINOW) whose book “I, Christiane F., 13 years old, drug addict, prostitute” (Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) was published in 1978 to disinhibit generations. Of course, the teenager Christiane did not write this book by herself, in fact the lines were drawn from her nose by Horst RIECK and Kai HERMANN, two journalists from Stern. The cultural sphere never misses an opportunity to participate in the mediatization of prostitution and thus, of pimping. In 2020, the French literary scene inflicted us with the publication of “La Maison”, a novel by Emma BECKER published by J’ai Lu. On the audiovisual side, the propaganda is just as tenacious: “The Diary of a London Call Girl”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, and lately, in February 2021, a: “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” based on Christiane’s book and directed by Annette HESS broadcasted on pedo-AmazonPrime. On June 9, 2009, in Fellbach (Germany) 1700 men gathered in front of the “Pussy Club” for its inauguration. The queues continued until closing time, when the prostitutes collapsed, exhausted with fatigue, overwhelmed by pain, injuries and infections, especially suffering from vaginal irritation and fungus that spread from their genitals to their legs. This brothel was closed a year later for human trafficking. Fixed-price brothels are very common in Germany, as are those that advertise “tabuslos” (“without taboos”, in practice this translates into “without condoms”). The result is that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Germany (HIV infection rates are rising again after years of stagnation, and married men are passing on infections to their wives). This is the legalization that sex workers’ associations and “feminists” are fighting for. And this does not prevent pedocriminals from acting.

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  • In Cologne : Eros Center (affiliation to human traffickers) and the Pascha (human trafficking case in 2016 four women were taken hostage, exploited and terrorized by Mohammed H. and his accomplice Dennis B.; and the murder of Cat EHEMANN, a 28 year old Thai woman who “worked” as a prostitute at the Pascha, killed with 14 stab wounds by a client: Cihan B., a 20 year old 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)