THE GATES DIVORCE – The special show for the morons

An international criminal couple is divorcing. Trouble in paradise between Bill and Melinda Gates ? A divorce is on the table, according to the international media. Spotlight on the play they are putting on…


We learn that the couple internationally known as pedophile & criminals are about to divorce. Officially, what will be put forward would be that the little lady, just as criminal as her pedo husband, would be furious about his relations with Jeffrey Epstein. We can say that this little mythomaniac is not afraid to talk about this almost 2 years after the light was put on the close relations of the pedophile Bill with Epstein. Above all, this scumbag Melinda will not make anyone believe that she was not aware that these two pedophiles were seeing each other. So she uses this argument by revealing a little secret, just to make herself look good, but at the same time, she gives away something important, that this scumbag of a woman was visiting Epstein herself in her pedoporn studio (aka his apartment…) in Manhattan. She will use this fact to exonerate herself, say that it was the day the gas entered their relationship and use it as “proof” that she wasn’t part of it, inventing that on the day of this visit, she was furious that Bill was seeing Jeffrey. You don’t think we’re idiots, do you, Melinda? Besides, what proof do we have that she herself was not invited on many occasions to the island of child rapists, I mean, Pedo Island? The logbooks of the planes, you could say. Except that they have been redacted, pages have been removed (thanks to Dershowitz and the pedo-justice) and the last 8 years have never been made public (2011 to 2019) and that, let’s not forget! This little scumbag Melinda is an international criminal. Except for fools, no one is fooled about this. The mass murders by vaccines in India, Africa and Pakistan, nobody has forgotten. His propaganda help – by video published on the biggest channels of the world – to promote the plandemic and the vaccination (extermination), everybody has seen them. The billions invested in criminal enterprises and institutions via – or not – the foundation that also bears her name, no one will believe for a moment that she was not aware of it. In short, they are playing a low-level melodrama for zombified humans and a large part of the latter will swallow it all. Except that here, it’s a little too obvious. Something is going on and we might soon learn what. There could be quite a few theories that, let’s face it, can all hold together. So, it’s up to you and in the meantime, let’s follow the news assiduously. We’ll find out the real reason at some point, but knowing that they are always way ahead of us, we’ll have to be patient.


  • A file can no longer be buried, concerning the relationship between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein and should splash him enough to make him lose a huge fortune. Melinda divorces him, walks away with the Gates piggy bank and shelters the fortune of the pedo/criminal couple. It could be an investigation, a video, a photo, a victim’s complaint or something like that that they can’t cover up / witness or victim that they can’t murder.
  • Maxwell might have sold Gates in order to get a settlement in the American court after her imprisonment and indictment for sexual abuse and pimping. Same rational reason, for them to divorce and save the money as fast as possible.
  • Maybe it has nothing to do with Epstein and in that case, it would be potentially much more serious. What could it be about? They have done so much crap/crimes that it is extremely difficult to have an idea but criminal manipulation around the plandemy, more commonly known as Covid, could be in the top 3 possibilities.
  • Still in the same register, the fall (programmed or not) of the Gates empire (foundation included or not). Once again, the goal remains obvious, to hide the money and there too, many things are possible. Let’s not forget that Gates left his position as CEO at Microsoft in a hurry and without any visible reason and sold 95% of his shares. They take time to do things, maybe this element was the very first.


If it was because Bill was sharing kids with Epstein, do you truly think the mainstream would cover it ? Do you reallz think that little piece of shit, Melinda, would make it public ? Come on you idiots… Any doubt that they are trying to hide the money quickly? Bill gives the equivalent of 2.4 billion dollars to Melinda on the day of the divorce announcement. It’s almost laughable because it’s so obvious. If this isn’t proof that they really do take the whole world for mentally retarded people, I don’t know what to call it… Anyway, something is going on with the Gates criminals. Maybe the reason is even dirtier and not in what we think is likely, but only time will tell. We will follow carefully all the facts and gestures, all the news concerning this putrid couple, pure product of this sick society which are still, against all expectations, adored by a naivety induced by the mainstream for so many years. What we can retain in spite of everything, this couple of the hells were still making all perverse smile that they were possible to make, in the TV, a dirty propaganda on all the channels of information, hand on the shoulder palm on the knees, has blow of big complicit smile. Accomplices in the crime. We hope that one day they will get – whatever happens – what they both deserve: The electric chair for crimes against humanity after a good media trial, failing that they will no longer have access in the American courts, to public hanging for popular judgment.


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