In the Epstein/Maxwell case, there is the tv show and there is the truth and the reality of the facts. Only the first one is mediatized, the second one, 2 years later, remains hushed up. Here is the story that you will never hear, after several months, now years of investigations around the victims of Epstein.


Courtney Wild, Michelle Licata, Virginia Roberts Giuffre Jena-Lisa Jones, are the first who took the lights of the cameras shortly after the arrest of Epstein in 2019. After that, we find Sarah Ransome, Maria Farmer, Annie Farmer and Jennifer Araoz, as well as an unknown number of Jane Does that would approach, according to sources, the hundred victims. This is without counting the boys who can only be part of the victims because, as you know very well, within all pedorings, there is a very large number of pedo-gays counted and therefore young boys victims, but these facts are never put under the spotlight because, as you know, the gay lobbies (we are talking here about lobbies and other LGBTP, not homos not concerned by all this…) of Soros have to be protected and this, it doesn’t look good. Of course, there are no official male victims in this case. However, the pedo-gays surrounding Epstein and his milieu are legion. Obama ? Spacey ? Sounds familiar ? Right… But this is not the most important part of the case we wish to expose to you. It remains a detail in the constant smoke and mirrors of the media publishing information on this case. What put the flea in the ear of the team is not in itself the simple fact that these victims are under the spotlight, which in itself is already suspicious when one is aware of the dangerousness of the personalities that these women have crossed. There are other elements that will not necessarily please everyone when the final report of this puzzle will be made. Here is the non-exhaustive list of things that “don’t fit” or that make their being in the spotlight much too suspicious to be legit.

  • As already mentioned, the fact that they are all highly mediatized.
  • The fact that none of the male victims were ever even whispered about.
  • The fact that these women were victimized as teenagers, while pages of the trial speak of many Janes Does of 6-8 years old.
  • The fact that they all got big advantages, by their own confessions, to “bring down” other children for Epstein/Maxwell (great schools, company funding, sponsored artists for example).
  • The fact that none of them mentioned important personalities other than those who could not be ignored because a leak had already taken place.
  • The fact that none of them gave any important information about the whole ring.
  • Because yes, none of them talked about the very young children, all the little child victims mentioned by the Janes Does in the current trial.
  • None of them gave any French name (or any other name for that matter) besides – once again – the ones that had already leaked like Brunel-Benchamoul.
  • None of them mentioned the sectarian ritualistic aspect, while all the apartments, villa, island of Epstein overflow with it!
  • And above all, NONE OF THEM AGREED to answer questions about France, even though they were very general, because the team contacted them one by one. For information, all of them have received and read our messages. All of them, even “like” some of our public messages when they were not private on twitter and elsewhere. All of them offered us only silence. While our message – to all of them – looked like this (we remove the formalities and politeness to show you that the important of our contact):

“In France, the trial is stopped because the corrupt prosecutor Heitz does not appoint any investigating judge, thus obstructing, preventing any trial, preventing any complaints from going forward, preventing any judicial investigation and leaving free as air the pedophiles who are raping at this very moment probably many other children. The association, which is a civil party, also blocks the investigation, does not make public the accusations of the victims, which they quickly silence and hide from the eyes of the country (which could protect them…) and the director of the association has received money in the past, and spent evenings on the arm of Sarah Fergusson, the wife of Prince Andrew… As you can see, for us, it is dead. We know that it will be difficult for you to help us, that’s why you can easily contact us anonymously by using an encrypted email address like protonmail. This way you stay safe. But please, on behalf of past, present and future victims, help us! Give us names, places, dates, something we can work on to expose this network. I beg you…”


As you just read, they should have, at least a few? A handful? One or two? Respond to our message. We know, as mentioned above, that they have read our messages. All of them. And none of them bothered to, at least… Say they couldn’t or anything else. That’s when we understood. That’s where it became very clear. These women were maybe, probably, surely, victims at some point. But they all accepted to receive in return extraordinary benefits that made their lives easier and… All of them brought young victims to Epstein to feed the network. Accepting financial benefits may be understandable to some, but the victim becoming the victimizer is not and will never be acceptable. It is like justifying and forgiving a pedophile for raping children because he himself was raped as a child. NO! So these women are no longer victims but accomplices, executioners, child traffickers for a pedophile network and everyone seems to have overlooked this. Why? Simply because this is how the media has educated them. Like dogs who are told to put their paws up or pee outside. Am I being harsh? Probably, but that’s the reality of the situation. Would you forgive a pedophile for raping your 7 year old daughter because he was raped at 5? Would you forgive a murderer for killing your father because he saw his father’s murder when he was little? You all know the answer even if it is hard to accept. There are, as mentioned in the official reports of the transcripts of the hearings, hundreds of young victims, very young children, Jane Does who say they were – and I quote: “It started when I was 7 years old. I was raped, trafficked, exploited by a Hollywood and New York financial pedophile ring, including Epstein. These interactions were filmed and redistributed very widely on pornhub since 2007.” Do you understand? Are you beginning to understand? These victims are silenced, confined to the four walls of courtrooms and corridors. The others are, and you should probably start to realize this, useful scarecrows, victims turned executioners who have been offered immunity, in exchange for making noise about only the things that had already leaked out to keep everyone else from getting wet. Wake the Fuck up. These women are not victims, they are accomplices and are helping the deep state burrying real victims that not media will ever cover…