The couple was caught red-handed in 2000, with six victims; girls between the ages of eight and nine in a room in a five-star hotel.



  • Acts : Rape, kidnapping, child pornography filming (and therefore necessarily resale of content)
  • Locations: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Switzerland
  • Age of known victims: from 7 to 11 years old.
  • Trafficking would go back up since the years 1989
  • Modus Operandi: Traps of street children for money, food, gadget. Dressing the children as rich children so that they go unnoticed getting them into the hotel, rape and filming in their hotel room (5 stars)
  • Location: 5* Hotel “The Resort Madh-Marve” – Aksa Gaon, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400095, India
  • Both are originally from Steinhausen (Switzerland) by their jobs but born in Burglen.
  • Switzerland has 9 classified files on them. They refuse to communicate about them.
  • They are caught in the 2000s raping and filming 6 little girls. They are between 8 and 9 years old.
  • They confided that they were proud to know how to corrupt parents and officials to do their business…..
  • In Switzerland, they are supposedly waiting for another trial but the justice system says that the man in particular is potentially too old and sick to go to prison. They are currently both free.
  • According to the local media, their family is allegedly involved in trafficking. Their daughter, nephew, and uncle are mentioned.
  • They were sentenced by the Mumbai court in March 2003 for seven years and fined the three girls 5,000 rupees.
  • Released quickly afterwards, they flee. It is said that they crossed the Nepalese border and then flew to Switzerland without the slightest problem neither for the plane nor on arrival in Switzerland.


  • There are a lot of first and last names, which ones are right?
  • The Indian justice was in possession of their passports. How did they reach Switzerland in this case? It is said that they both had several passports. Genuine? False? It smells like INTEL.
  • January 12, 2001 the Swiss police arrived in India to “help” the Indian authorities. They escaped from the country right after. EXFILTRATION ?
  • The confederation has 9 classified files. Why not make them public ? What are they hiding?
  • The faults on INTERPOL. Inconceivable.(Burglen, Borglen)
  • Serious misidentification: It says on the woman’s Interpol record that she has BROWN eyes. The photo clearly indicates light blue eyes. Same for the hair. Her hair is blonde, not chestnut.
  • The search restriction when searching for these individuals on the Interpol site. I select the individuals searched in “SWITZERLAND” and the search is no longer successful not giving the result leading to these individuals. It is necessary to search by age group to find them.
  • Always on Interpol : The photos are very old. This is voluntary because I myself have a more recent photo of her (see below). If you are looking for criminals internationally, you put recent photos, not 40 years old photos.
  • Still on Interpol!! It’s starting to do a LOT !!! Under the photo it says “ALVIN” !
  • Director of a BigPharma and his name doesn’t stand out anywhere whatever search engine is used. Explanation : Cleaning the net. By whom ? To make so many results disappear, you have to contact Google…. So, benefit from a certain power.
  • How did they pass the Swiss security controls? In Nepal, I want to but in Switzerland? If it was with false papers nobody saw anything? If it was with real papers, who delivered these papers?


In view of all these elements, we think very, very strongly that they are agents. Because of the list of different names and surnames, false papers, passports, Interpol errors, which is a fake at the international level. Because of the ease of exit and entry, the existence of 9 classified files, the refusal of the conf to share the files in question, the silence of their names in the European/Swiss press and all the inconsistencies. There is NEVER chance. Not in this kind of case.



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