The murder of NANCY SCHAEFER


It is rare enough to point this out, but there are still honest people among politicians. Republican Nancy Schaefer is one of them. She served as Georgia State Senator from 2004 to 2008, and during her tenure she became aware of what she believed to be dysfunction in Georgia’s Child Protective Services, fle D.F.C.S. (Department of Human Service-Stronger Families for Stronger Georgia) and at the national level the CPS (Child Protective Services). Nancy Schaefer was aware of and investigated several cases of abusive placements. Following the collection of several testimonies, she wrote a report entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”. It shows that social workers put pressure on mothers, often alone in this situation, by offering to sign abandonment papers and promising them that in this case they would see their children more often or for couples to encourage them to divorce, explaining that this would facilitate the return of the children to the family. We understand that with the passage of Bill Clinton’s Adoption and Safe Families Act in 1997, social workers at all levels are receiving financial incentives based on the number of children removed from their parents. Most importantly, foster families accused of sexually touching children in their care were not investigated either internally or by the police. In short, this report exposes situations of children and parents faced with “legalized kidnappings”, ineffective policies and a child protection service that, a contrario, does not remove children when they are truly facing abuse. A veritable financial empire where every child professional benefits from the destruction of families. Nancy Schaefer’s presentation cost her her seat in the Senate. However, I quote her, “there are causes worth losing more, and this is one of them.

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On March 26, 2010, Nancy Schaefer was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia, Habersham County, with a single gunshot wound to her back and with her 52-year-old husband, Bruce Schaefer, who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest. Police concluded that the deaths were a murder-suicide by her husband. The GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an arm of the FBI) concluded that the motive was financial. On closer examination, apart from a bad investment by Bruce, the couple had enough savings to deal with a temporary financial loss. The media is also seizing upon the media to assert that the murder-suicide thesis is not at all credible. And one element tends to corroborate this: the large-caliber pistol that was used did not match the registered weapon that the Schaefers owned. If the weapon that killed them did not belong to them, even though they owned one, it was because someone else intervened. The third person fired the gun. The weapon came from Florida, but the documents that could establish the identity of its owner mysteriously disappeared. This event coincided with the former senator’s plan to further hamper child protection services. She was preparing a documentary based on her research and discoveries. It was to insist on the lack of control over the activities of social workers and reveal the names of corrupt social workers and judges. She intended to go even further by quoting personalities covering a scandal linked to a paedocriminal network involving social workers. So this project, then, gives the thesis of the police services a hard time.