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You may not be familiar with his name yet. This man is the man we’re talking about in the Epstein case, whose daughter is in the black book and who is involved with the association that received money from Gratitude America. He is a French politician, who here has an extremely bad reputation. Follow me … The man with a face full of perversity, the one who wears, like a mask, the look of all that is unhealthy. Even his skin, dirty and gnawed, seems to not to support the host it dresses. A skeleton on feet, with the appearance of a corpses that even death does not wish to approach, dirtying the streets of Paris when he treads the tar. An ugly like the medieval era did not come to beget, despised but proud, hated but smiling, very well placed and protected by the runts of many governments. Mixed up in everything, worried about nothing. Jack Lang was and remains the one whose police never approached. The paedojustice having, of course, received orders from the upper echelons to stay just as far away from him as possible. The man by whom cowardice was born in the ones who swore to defend the country, its citizens, its children… Classified as secret defense, threatened investigators, bribed collaborating journalists… France gagged when the cases of paedophile networks are positioned not far from its name. We have therefore decided that it would be wise to let everyone make up his own mind by listing the very long list of paedophile cases in which he appears. Jack Lang pedophile, a conspiracy theory? Before being able to prove that all of this is false, we will have to – dear traitors – to get up very early.



He signs a petition, written by Matzneff and published in Le Monde, calling for the release of three paedophile men who have raped minors. Jack Lang never worriedHe signs a petition, written by Matzneff and published in Le Monde, calling for the release of three paedophile men who have raped minors. Jack Lang will never be worried. 1, 2.


1- Charged in the case of the Le Coral living space. Judge Salzman issued 343 warrants for people who went to the Coral. Jack Lang will deny ever having been there. No one will point out that 3/4 of his entourage were among the accused. Jean-Claude Krief said that he had a report relaying accusations against these personalities. His brother, Michel, is said to have tried to blackmail Jack Lang on this subject and was found dead. Kameneff (from the Boat School) also attended the Coral. As did Matzneff, Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, Bernard Alapetitte (Ado 71, Zandvoort, Toro Bravo, Maddie Mc Cann) and Frédéric Mittérand. The file will be classified as secret defense. Move along, there is nothing to see. Jack Lang is cleared. 1, 2, 3.

2- He sets up the music festival on June 21, which corresponds to the summer solstice. The International Boy Love Day is celebrated 2 days later. “The good idea was to do it on June 21, the day that opens the season of light, encounters, love! ». France will only see fire in it, Jack Lang will make no one suspicious.1, 2.


He met Robert Maxwell at the time of the privatization of TF1 (French national TV channel). They then meet again on other occasions. He had organized a ceremony in his honor before he died. Jack Lang close to an international criminal secret agent whose daughter will take over the international child trafficking. For the benefit of Jack Lang, no one seems to care.1, 2, 3.


He appears in the Rosella Hightower case. A warrant officer in charge of the case reportedly reported to Yves Bertrand, former leader of the RG (kind of a secret services in France), that the wiretaps revealed the names of Jack and Monique Lang, his wife. It was Judge Renard who heard the case (judge linked to the paedophile case Kamal). Jack Lang protected. 1.


Jack Lang, declared on January 31, 1991 in Gai Pied (magazines tied to pedorings and many known and convicted pedophiles) : “Childish sexuality is still a forbidden continent, it is up to new discoverers of the 21st century to approach its shores.” If you don’t call this a clear confession, get treatment. Jack Lang will never be worried. 1.


Roger Holeindre publicly accuses him at the FN Summer University of pedophilia. He evokes the Coral case (social center for mentally disabled kids where politicians were coming to rape them) and speaks of “kids who were prostituted to people like Jack Lang” and of a “kid found dead, sodomized, with his head in a bucket of shit. Let me be stopped at the exit if it’s not true”. That case is then classified top secret and Lang won’t ever be heard or prosecuted… 1.


Accused of group rape on the 4 year old Laureen, on a barge, in the Verdin case. 1.


During the presidential elections, some politicians evoke an arrest of Jack Lang in Morocco in a vice case and his exfiltration by the Elysée.. 1.


The police of Marrakech intervened in a villa in the palm grove, La Majorelle, where a very special party was taking place. The participants, French, were caught raping young boys. The police arrested them. Among them, a former French minister. La Majorelle, where the rapes took place, belonged to the notoriously known pedophiles couple YSL and Pierre Bergé. Several witnesses reported that many minors were prostituted there and that Jack Lang was often invited there. A France Télévisions journalist reported seeing an AFP report quoting Jack Lang as having been arrested in Marrakesh following a police raid on a riad where men were caught having sexual intercourse with minors.. 1, 2, 3.


Yves Bertrand, former leader of the French Intel (RG), in the program “Les Grandes Gueules” broadcast on RMC on September 9, 2009, talks again about a minister involved in a paedophilia case. A few years ago, police officers from Marrakech carried out a night raid on a palm grove villa where a very special party was in full swing. The participants, French people, were surprised while they were raping young boys. A former minister would have been one of the adults. The local French consul is immediately notified, who in turn informs the embassy in Rabat. The matter is quickly arranged and “the elite” released on the spot.” 1.


Jack Lang defends his friend Polanski accused of “illegal sex” with a minor stating that no one should continue to incriminate him… 1.


Luc Ferry said on the set of the Grand Journal (Canal +, French TV channel): a “former minister who was poached in Marrakech in an orgy with little boys (…) Probably we all know here who it is. (…) I know, I think I’m not the only one (…) The case was told to me by the highest authorities of the state”. The facts and dates of the events being identical in their accounts, Luc Ferry was talking about the same person as the one implied by Yves Bertrand. Note the play on words pronounced in mid-voice by Alain Duhamel, accusing Luc Ferry of being “Mauvaise Lang” (Lang in French looks and sounds a lot like langue, which means “tong”, he was making a very bad joke which would translate as “bad mouth”) . Following these revelations, Luc Ferry and Jack Lang were heard as witnesses by the brigade for the protection of minors in Paris. The case was dismissed without further action. Luc Ferry and Yves Bertrand will clear themselves of having mentioned Jack Lang and many will cite Douste-Blazy (another French minister… also known to be a pedo) as a suspect in the case. A journalist claims to have collected two testimonies concerning TWO French ministers involved in pedophilia cases with boys in France and Morocco. However, Bertrand admitted having written in his secret notebooks that “Lang was banging little boys” in 2002.. 1, 2.


Jack Lang meets Jeffrey Epstein at Woody Allen’s birthday party at the Parisian home of the Bourbon Princess of the Two Sicilies. Lang would say of Epstein that he was “a charming, courteous and pleasant person”, he had dined at his home on Avenue Foch.


Lang is opposing the banning of Gaspar Noé’s porno “Love” for children under 18 years old… From his pedo-opinion kids should watch porn 1.


Defended Mohammed VI during criticism of Moroccan power. Some say he feared the Moroccan secret service, which had information about his sexual “escapades” in Morocco. 1.


1- He publicly supports Woody Allen, then accused of raping his daughter, who was 7 years old at the time.. 1.

2- Epstein, through his company Gratitude America, made donations to the “Association for the Promotion of National Cultural Policy in the 1980s and 1990s of the 20th Century” run by relatives of Jack Lang. The association, which has no website or social network presence, was created in 2018, the year it received $57,897 from Gratitude America. The association that received money from Epstein is run by his greatest buddies. He won’t put his name anywhere on the official papers, but a source confirmed, a regrettable blunder for the pervert, that he frequently went to there many many times, proving that association belonged indeed to him somehow and was just hidden behind his buddies’s names.. 1.


JL invited Epstein to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid on March 29, 2019, in the presence of his daughter Caroline Lang, the one in the black book and working in a very high position for Warner Bros (Hollywood).

some English sources as the one in this article are in French 12



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