THE STOWE SCHOOL – Epstein, Maxwell, Pedo Ring, Secrets Services & Terrorist Attacks

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Stowe School

When the Epstein case broke, we told you, perhaps a little too briefly, about what is behind a school in the UK called STOWE SCHOOL. This renowned but discreet school alone represents an epicenter of the elite mafia. We connect this school, with disconcerting ease and frankly creepy, to several high-flying criminal sectors. To give you a small sneak peak and an idea, here’s a short list of the cases we will cover in this long article that I hope will catch your attention until the end. This list is not exhaustive because, one thing is certain, we haven’t discovered everything. As a result, it is highly likely that a good number of sectors and businesses linking this school are missing. Here is the Stowe School, an independent public school, attached to the Catholic Church of England, welcoming children from 13 to 18 years old. Here are the points that will be discussed. source 1.

The royal family
Pedophiles & rings
Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein
911 terrorist attack
Secret services / O.S.S

Part 1


Proposing various residential schools within the institution, to begin the links with the royal family, note that the names of these so-called residential schools are all related to the name of the Windsor family. Bearing the name of a Duke to the Queen herself. The reason: The Royal Family had regularly funded projects related to this school. From simple renovations to sponsoring the school. Many personalities, politicians included, were board directors/students there in the past. You will be surprised to see these people connected to this school, when you barely never hear about it.


And Prince Andrew – Prince Andrew’s wife and the latter. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the school* and the 20 years of Sarah’s foundation, organized a charity evening at the school. Highlighting her association Children in Crisis**. She went there several times, the daughter – Eugenie – later marrying a former student of this school.


Daughter of Sarah and Andrew. Accompanying her mother during the various parties and other events at Stowe School.


Former Stowe School student and husband of Princess Eugenie. He is the ambassador, for England, of Casamigos Tequila, a brand founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber


Prince Charles brother. Also present during the charity evening. It was him who gave the speech on the second day of the celebrations and offered an award to the school.


Anthony is the country’s Lieutenant Member of Parliament, appointed directly by the Queen herself, and regularly attends events at Stowe School, as does his wife, who is regularly seen near G. Maxwell. They are great friends of Prince Charles, Tony Blair, David Cameron and are both in the black book. Their names appear in the Panama papers. 1, 2.


Queen’s cousin. He lives in the property of Coppins, quoted as one of the key places of rapes/ritual sacrifices on the R.A.I.N’s list.


Former Stowe School’s student. A close relative of the couple Sarah/Andrew. General manager of Venture (bill gates), very close to many pedophiles (we will come back to him in part 2).

*The source, the article showing this evening, fortunately saved by us at the time, was deleted in 2020 – **Children in crisis: related to part 2.

Part 2


(Other than Epstein / Maxwell)

Here, the connections to the pedophile network connected to Epstein and Maxwell, will not be made but rather the other connections of other equally serious cases linking the school and/or persons of interest related to Stowe School. Keep in mind that the established connections making up this list are many and various. As a result, a detail may have been overlooked, but the big lines remain and demonstrate very strongly Stowe’s relationship with pedophile rings. So, you will certainly find former students, directors and financial supporters. But when you understand the long puzzle that is Stowe School, you will realize that nothing is random. When everything from the charity galas to directors to former students are all involved in dirty businesses, from pedophile rings to historic bombings, you’ll understand what this school is all about. Our absolute theory is in the last part. A small note to start this list, in 2014, an alarming fact that there was an emergency morning pill shortage within a single weekend at the Stowe School…


Former Stowe School’s Headmaster in the 1990s. He was then charged with child abuse. He was charged with sexually assaulting five students aged eight to thirteen at Caldicott Boys Preparatory School between 1959 and 1970. This was the second time he was charged but had been protected the first time.. Source : 1


Former Stowe School’s Headmaster from 1989 to 2003. Previously Director of Residential School at Eton School. There was an investigation (buried, like all the others) of child abuse at Stowe School during the time he was in charge, his name being cited as one of the abusers. In addition, a significant detail, he was a close friend of the pedophile bishop Peter Ball, who himself was a close associate of Prince Charles (who wrote a letter of support to the bishop, bought a house for him to rent, and gave him many gifts in all forms, including cash, over the years)…. source 1, 2, 3.


Current Stowe School’s Headmaster. Prior to joining Stowe School, he taught history and was an assistant. He was a teacher at St. Paul’s School, where a pedophile ring had been operating for decades. The school was close to Elm Guest House(1), where young boys were prostituted (Elm Guest House / Jimmy Savile case). He is also one of the founders/directors of the charity Street Child, almost entirely funded by Sarah Ferguson. Street child is a member of Street Kids International by the fact of being a member of another one bearing the name of Consortium Street Children UK, which itself is a branch of Street Kids International. Why is this important? Because they hide all this by endless affiliations to avoid it to be too visible that they are in fact a single entity. And why is that even more important? Because Street Kids International is run by pedophiles. Its founder is none other than Peter Dalglish, who worked for UNICEF, W.H.O, NATO and was close to SOROS and TRUDEAU. He ended up in prison in Nepal for young boys rape/abuses (2). Street Kids International, after these numerous scandals, renamed the association TOY BOX. This name has a very evocative ethymology… “coming out of the toy box” is an expression used by pedophiles to symbolize the fact of exposing their pedophile tendencies…(3). At this point, could we speak about randomness? These associations are very often financed, supported, plebiscited by Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. Coming back to Street Child, Wallersteiner’s association, his team is composed exclusively of people from ARK foundation & Save the children. ARK is the huge organization of Arpad Busson. The same association that has countless international associations supposedly working to protect children, all financed by the worst in the world: Podesta, Clinton, Bronfman… ARK is also an organization associated with GAVI (4)(vaccine digital passport, alliance 2020…) and also to the ICMEC. This same Arpad Busson tied to Dutroux ring(investigation/article not completed, we will edit to send you on the article explaining the links and sources on this subject). Also, Wallersteiner is intimately linked to the Epstein network (see part 3) Finally, Stowe’s school is located in Stowe, Bucks, in a neighborhood previously represented in Parliament by Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father.. Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


He was a student at Stowe School. He has strong ties with the pedophile networks. This man is the general manager of VENTURE (bill gates) and is close to the Rothschilds. He was close to Jimmy Savile (1) and knew about his paedo-satanist activities.. He is the CEO of the Jewish Music Institute where you can find Greville Janner (pedo ring), Rothshild, and Lord Bittan (pedo ring). His uncle has strong ties with the “KRAY TWINS”. These twins were accused in the Jersey Orphanage pedophile ring. Finally, he participated to the musical campaign “Lover Music” which has a pedophile logo. Source 1, 2, 3, 4.


Former Stowe School’s student. English diplomat. He was made a Knight in 1971 by the Royal Family. He was part of the secret service (deputy director of MI6), the UN and had great titles and positions during his career (see wikipedia). He was a member of the paedophile network “Paedophile Information Exchange”. At the origin of the PIE: Paedophile Action for Liberation, developed as a dissident group of the South London Gay Liberation Front. The PIE was a very well known and uninvestigated organization, sharing a large database of paedophile data, composed of members openly defending paedophilia and very clearly, as a whole, protected in the UK. The first time he was arrested, he received a simple warning… Clearly protected by his friends in the Royal Family and the British Secret Service. In 1981, the Attorney General Sir Michael Havers replied: “I agree with the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman and others with whom he had had obscene correspondence” (containing child pornography). For a simple example, Dutroux was one of them… Hayman was a close relative not only of Margaret Tatcher, the greatest protector of the elite paedophile networks of the time, but also of the Queen of England herself. Source 1, 2, 3, 4.


The worst for the end? An entrepreneur, also a Stowe School alumnus, known for creating the Virgin brand. He was director of the Old Stoic Society(an alumni branch of the school – see Part 5). He, too, was awarded a knighthood in 1999. In England, being connected to paedophile networks automatically offers this honorary title. The Queen is probably the biggest fan of paedophiles in these lands. This one could have been found in almost every part of this article. He is a member of the ICMEC. Great friend of the Bronfman family. Member of the CFR, great friend with Keith Ranière of the NXIVM sect (1). Member of the Old Stoic Society (see part 3). He owns an island where NXIVM used to organize private parties. It will catch fire at the same time as Peter Nygard’s(another friend of his – 2 and 2b) during preliminary investigations for child sex trafficking (Peter Nygard is the Canadian Epstein). And like almost all the others, he is also a donor for the ARK association of Arpad Busson. He is close to Eric Nonacs (3), a traveler aboard the Lolita express and friend of Epstein, close to the Clinton family, also a member of the CFR and close friend of Frank Giustra, of the RADCLIFF FOUNDATION, holding the Elpida association (4 and 5) with a big boy lover pedophile logo and also holding the BOYS CLUB NETWORK, where a case of pedophilia ring broke out a few years ago. These associations are subsidized by the Queen Elisabeth Scholars. All three are close to Trudeau Jr. Finally, not only is he in the black book, he is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein. These connections are endless, he is connected to all the world’s junk, all the trash mixed with stories of traffic of all kinds are on his address book and it would be too long to list them all. Finally, please note that Branson has been in business and friendly contact for a very long time with Howard Lutnick. Source 1, 2 et 2b, 3, 4, 5.


Former Stowe School’s headmaster. He used to do prayer groups where the children were naked and got beaten up… Same family, same inclination? Because his brother, David Fletcher, was accused of child abuse (sadomasochism) during Christian “camps”.source 1, 2.


Stowe School alumni – in the black book. Alistair McAlpine, Stowe School alumnus and Stowe School’s headmaster, with Sally Bercow, wife of the Member of Parliament for Stowe/Buckingham. McAlpine was governor of Stowe School during the tenure of his pedophile colleague Henniker-Major. Henniker-Major served as governor of Stowe School from 1982 to 1990. Alistair McAlpine from 1981. His father Robert Edwin McAlpine is mentioned in the R.A.I.N.S list (see below). Stowe’s current MP is John Bercow. Bercow’s wife, Sally, assisted Lord Alistair McAlpine, a former student of Stowe, with a police and media investigation. As a member of the VIP-Westminster paedophile ring of the 1980s-1990s, McAlpine was also named in the trafficking of boys from Bryn Alyn in Wales to Dolphin Square in London. 1, 2, 3.


The 11th Duke of Rutland. Many years ago, David would have had a relationship with Ghislaine. Later, as 11th Duke of Rutland, he employed the pedophile Harvey Proctor, convicted of pedophilia. Survivor Carl Beech told police that Proctor and others abused him as a child, particularly at Stowe School. The 11th Duke of Rutland defended Proctor’s claim for police compensation for what the two men absurdly claimed was an unfair targeting of Proctor. Carl Beech was sentenced to 18 years in prison after stating that Stowe School is a place where children have been abused.. 1, 2.


Former student at Stowe School. Henniker-Major was principal of Stowe School from 1982 to 1990. He worked for British Intelligence (Secret Service). Henniker protected and sheltered Peter Righton, a notorious paedophile supplying children to British VIPs and founder of PIE, at his country estate in Thornham Magna – Suffolk. He himself was involved. Source : 1, 2, 3, (source gov), 4.


Stowe School alumnus – Jacob Rothschild’s close friend whose Eythrope estate is 20 miles from Stowe School. John Sainsbury’s niece, Camilla, is married to Childline co-founder Shaun Woodward. John Sainsbury’s daughter, Sarah, is married to the son of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss (first chair of the Independent Child Sexual Abuse Investigation). Source 1.

Part 3


Many of the persons of interest were previously established, but there are others. We won’t go through the list of important things to know about certain people since you will be able to go back in the article to discover their profiles. We will therefore only add links related to the Epstein/Maxwell “community” and will list as many links to people related to Stowe School and Epstein as possible. Here they are:

  • GHISLAINE MAXWELL – She was a regular participant, along with the couple Sarah/Andrew, at Stowe School parties and galas. We will also find her in part 4. Associate of Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell assisted the Cantor and was present at the 2003 Summer Ball at the school. It was the “La Dolce Vita” party, which was a fundraiser for the Cantor Fitzgerald Fund. 1, 2.

  • HOWARD LUTNICK – American billionaire and director of the Cantor Fitzgeral Fund / Company- Very close friend of Epstein / Maxwell / Andrew & Sarah. He organizes these fundraising evenings and other events on a regular basis at Stowe School. He belongs particularly to Part 4 so we will profile him below. He lived only 2 numbers away from Jeffrey Epstein in New York City (Epstein was at 9 east 71st street, Lutnick at 11 east 71st street) and very importantly, the address is intertwined with the adjacent property. Understand that the two properties are connected by their construction. Some, in fact, suggest that there may be access from one apartment to the other. Cantor Fitzgerald sponsored summer parties in Stowe in 2002, 2003 and 2004, and possibly on other occasions. Ghislaine Maxwell assisted the Cantor and was present at the 2003 Summer Ball at school. This was the “La Dolce Vita” party to raise funds for the Cantor Fitzgerald Fund. 1, 2.

  • PRINCE ANDREW– Profile established above – Epstein/Maxwell’s friend + Black book.

  • SARAH FERGUSON – Profile established above – Epstein/Maxwell’s friend + Black book. Ajoutez qu’elle est celle qui présenta Maxwell à Andrew. 1.

  • RICHARD BRANSON – Profile established above – Epstein/Maxwell’s friend + Black book.

  • ETHNE BANNISTER – Former Stowe School’s Headmaster. She is the cousin of Roger Bannister. Roger’s son, Clive, is in the black book. 1.

  • ANTHONY WALLERSTEINERCurrent Stowe School’s Headmaster – Profile established above but an addition not mentioned earlier. He is the son of Kurt Wallesteiner who was Robert Maxwell’s associate and business partner! Stowe School is located in Stowe, Bucks, in a riding previously represented in Parliament by Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father. Source FBI.

  • ALISTAIR MCALPINE – Profile established above – Former student – present in the black book.

  • NICHOLAS COLERIDGE – Maxwell and Epstein’s friend – in the Black Book – is the godfather of fashion model Cara Delevingne, whose sister Chloe Delevingne is a Stowe School alumnus.

  • LUCIAN FREUD – Maxwell and Epstein’s friend – in the Black Book – had a relationship with Rebecca Wallersteiner. She is the daughter of Kurt Wallersteiner and thus the sister of Anthony, the principal of Stowe School. (Lucian Freud’s brother, Clement Freud, was also a pedophile, and has been linked to the abduction of Madeleine McCann in Portugal by an alleged child trafficking ring).

  • ARIADNE CALVO PLATERO – Maxwell and Epstein’s friend – in the Black Book – has an indirect link to the Stowe School through her husband. Ariadne is married to Mario Calvo-Platero, a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) – Director Dr. John Chipman. Dr. John Chipman’s wife, Lady Theresa Manners, is also in the black book. It is said, but the source cannot be found so to take with tweezers, that Lady Theresa Manners once filmed a music video clip in the caves of Hell-fire, linked to the school. Theresa Manners is the sister of Ghislaine Maxwell’s former boyfriend, the 11th Duke of Rutland David Manners, who sent his sons to the Stowe school, and who is the close friend and former employer of the serial pedophile. Harvey Proctor.

  • ASHLEY HICKS – Former student – Friend of Maxwell and Epstein – in the Black Book – Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh (the Queen’s husband) is her godfather. Close to Epstein’s contacts in France.

  • ANNABEL HESELTINE – Former student – Friend of Maxwell and Epstein – in the Black Book.

Part 4


Okay. Now you might think we’ve just gone crazy. Follow the timeline and the people of interest on this list because we are at a crucial point in what the elite and their related pedophile networks are all about. The convergence of the elite mafia becomes palpable and highly visible through the history and connections of the Stowe School. Be aware that it will be difficult to list everything. Why is it difficult to list everything? Because if we were to trace the entire record between the school and the attacks, then we would have to include all the elite cases. Surprising but factual. Stay focused and don’t hesitate to go back over the profiles established above, it could become indispensable as you read on. The explanation of the Stowe School connection will not make sense immediately, you will have to wait for part 5 which acts as a super glue between all the elements..

SARAH FERGUSON could have died the day the WTC fell. She must have been in the building with the charity “Chances for childrens” (the American branch of its Children in Crisis Association in the UK) when the attack took place. She said she was late, claiming she was stuck in traffic, after her interview with NBC. She had offices on the 101st floor of the North Tower. None of the association’s employees were present in the towers. Allison Lutnick borned Lambert (who, with her husband, provided Ferguson with free office space at the WTC) was one of the directors of Chances for Children.. Source 1, 2, 3.

Keep in ming :She has close ties to the Stowe School, organizing and participating in a number of on-site events and has a long standing affinity with one of the former headmaster. Also, that she did a fundraiser event for and on behalf of Cantor Fitzgerald. Remember these links with Lutnick / Maxwell and Cantor Fitzgerald and the Stowe School.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL AND HER MOSSAG AGENT’S DAD are both intimately linked to the attacks. This is one of the central anchors of the whole dossier. Through the Maxwell family, you trace back to the MEGA group. The MEGA group was founded by Charles Bronfman and Leslie Wexner. The MEGA group is the promised software, Inslaw and Mossad (you’ll need an article to explain in detail what Promise and Inslaw are, so I encourage you to read the file via link 1 in the source) And by various elements, the latter are linked to Nicole Junkermann (of her false name since she is an agent whose real identity has not yet been discovered) via her company Carbyne / C-NOW / Reporty linked, them, to the terrorist attacks in Nice. She travelled – from France – on board the lolita express with Epstein.. Source 1,

Keep in mind :Robert Maxwell was a friend, associate and business partner with Kurt Wallersteiner, who is the father of Anthony Wallersteiner, the current Stowe School headmaster. Ghislaine Maxwell has these affiliations with her son Anthony. Also through the Stowe School.1.

NICHOLAS BANNISTER Clive Bannister’s son worked at the WTC and was also able to escape death just before the attack by quickly relocating these offices from the Twin Towers.

Keep in mind : Clive is Ethne Bannister’s nephew, former Stowe School’s headmaster. He is in the black book, a friend of Epstein/Maxwell’s and his son also escaped death during the attack.

HOWARD LUTNICK is the third person who did not die on September 11, 2001. He must have been in these offices on that day, inside the WTC, owner of the 101st floor. He will explain that he survived because, on that very day, he decided to take his son to school himself. A billionaire who decides, on the day of the attack, to take his son to school? mmh … 7 of these top directors were also absent that day. mmh… Yeah, right… source 1, 2.

Keep in mind : These close ties with the Stowe School and other people of interest + the strange story of his apartment with Epstein’s apartment. He is one of the main sponsors of the Stowe School.

Part 5


To talk about the links with the secret service and the school, we must also talk about The Old Stoic Society. It’s a branch of Stowe School, bringing together former students. Officially, it’s through parties and other different events that they allow – through this organization – to meet each other. The goal is, according to them, to benefit from the contacts and other address books of former students in the professional world. But in this little speech, there is a snag. It is important here to take up the whole article. The paedophile networks, the connections with the attacks, the connections with people of interests and influences, Epstein, the Maxwell family. Let us recall that the latter are part of the secret services. Take Robert Maxwell, it is said that he was a multitask agent, having joined almost all agencies (mi5, mi6, mossad, CIA). His daughter clearly took over. Here’s a list of facts, from the Stowe School connections, through the Masonic lodges to the Secret Service. And to start with, lets focus on the name:

OLD STOIC SOCIETY – In other words, O.S.S. First of : Did you know that before the CIA was called CIA, it was called OSS? “the Office of Strategic Services” Strange, don’t you think? It doesn’t carry much weight if this detail is isolated from everything else, but when you connect this to the elements of the file of this famous school, don’t you see something? Don’t you see the obvious? We have a motto in the team “la chance n’existe pas” which means nothing is random. It is well known that a lot of prestigious schools are leaders in the recruitment and/or training of secret agents or agents in general. You only have to look at Epstein’s financing in major American universities to understand this. You have to find them somewhere, you have to be able to observe them before recruiting them, so what better place than a school? Just look at the list of people who come out of it. See the directors of the O.S.S. If the complete puzzle doesn’t make you curious and suspicious, we do. This school and its OSS is not just a pedophile epicenter. It is also, first and foremost, a vein of the Secret Service.

STOWE LODGE 9002 – The Masonic Lodge for former students (Old Stoics) 1, 2.

QG MI6 – Former high security SIGINT enclaves of the MI6/FCO in Gawcott. One of the main locations of the English secret service. MI6 used this site for the transmission, interception and analysis of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) in the decades following World War II. The Gawcott site is believed to have been used as a digital station allowing MI6 agents around the world to keep in touch with HQ at home. But do you know where this HQ is located? 5km from the school…1.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL – I think that today, few people have not yet understood that she is indeed an “intel” in other words, an agent. Mossad? MI5/6 ? DGSE/DST ? CIA ? Probably several, like her father. We lean for Mossad and MI5/6, no doubt for Mossad, obvious probability for the UK services. For the DGSE/DST (french), there is a strong chance but the only evidence remains its recklessness and her absolute protection on French soil during the so-called Epstein investigation. For the CIA, who knows. This could be revealed during her trial, if certain American amendments are invoked (there are laws/amendments protecting agents from speaking and/or being charged on certain facts in the U.S.A.). These connections, extremely numerous, with confirmed agents of several secret services are a real nail in the coffin. Ehud Barak, Nicole Junkermann, her sisters…

PETER HAYMAN – Former Stowe School’s student. (see profile above). In addition to being a network pedophile, he was an English Diplomat. First as a HQ chief in Belgrade in the mid-1950s, but more importantly, later as the director of MI6 in Belgrade. He also worked for the UN.

JOHN HENNIKER-MAJOR – Former Stowe School’s student. Then former Stowe School’s headmaster from 1982 to 1990. He worked for the British Secret Service.

NIGEL CLIVE – Former Stowe School’s student. Worked for the MI6. He was head of the information research department.. 1.

ALISATAIR HORNE – Former Stowe School’s student. A well-positioned agent since he was a journalist, writer and historian and worked for MI6 as a spy. 1, 2.

PETER SICHEL – The first “old stoic” who worked for the American secret service during World War II, headed the CIA in Germany at the height of the Cold War. Shortly after the war, he was sent to Berlin to head the secret unit of the strategic services. 1, 2.

FUNNY DETAIL – in the movie “The world is not enough”, as well as in “Tomorrow never dies” MI6 has its HQ in the Stowe School Chapel. We couldn’t finish this article without mentioning this little funny thing that can potentially be a nod to reality, as they like to do in movies to titillate the audience with often hidden truths. It’s up to you but we had to mention it. 1, 2.




  • 2003 – Anthony Wallersteiner
  • 1989-2003 Jeremy Nichols
  • 1979-1989 Christopher Turner
  • 1964-1979 Bob Drayson
  • 1958-1964 Donald Crichton-Miller
  • 1949-1958 Eric Reynolds
  • 1923-1949 J. F. Roxburgh (Fondateur)

Anciens élèves – Old Stoics