M E E T       T H E       T E A M

We are a large team with the goal to reach the complete annihilation of all the sons of bitches who are in place of power at the present time. As a top priority, the total reduction in ashes of the pedo-government led networks and of the pedo-satanic elite. We have nothing to lose and here lays the danger that we represent if we add to this our long list of capacity to get sensitive informations about these networks. We won’t stop and get a normal life back until the day these motherfuckers are taken down for good. A child is the innocence and the future of the world. They cannot defend themselves on their own. So we will be the protective shield of innocence as much as we can. #Fsociety

By OdinFsociety

The Gh0st Leader’s Team

A dozen of leaders which nicknames and actions won’t ever be displayed. 100% hidden for the team security. They are working only with few from the Corp Team.

What they are good at : Having enough energy for the billions who don’t.

The Corp Leader’s Team

They are the ones working and giving tasks to other teams. They recruits, manage the visibility of our actions and investigations and help investigate too. You’ll find a presentation about them at the bottom of this page.

What they are good at : Helping the Gh0st team and investigate.

The Investigator’s Team

They are hard workers building documents and files for our data center, for the organigramme and the website, concerning the pedophile rings and corrupted elites.

What they are good at : Getting hidden personal informations.

The Field’s Team

They are dangerous and smart enough to infiltrate any kind of corporations. We won’t say much about them too but fear them as they are everywhere.

What they are good at : Infiltrate.

The Elliot’s Team

You wish you could know, but you won’t 😉

What they are good at : Bad things.

Message From one of the Fsociety Founders

We are few hundreds of people around the world. All separated by groups. None knows each other identities. None knows any locations from any member of the Fsociety or what are their everyday jobs. No one knows how the other look like. That is why the failed infiltration we’ve got in the past, has failed. Any members breaking a rule is fired immediately. When that happens, we immediately delete our accounts from the platform we discuss and work and make a brand new one. We have already spotted in the past agents coming from the secret services and other little piece of shit thinking they could get something valuable about us. We are a decentralized worldwide team. You won’t succeed anything except pissing us off and pushing us to leak some stuff we keep on side to punish you when the time comes. Fear us, because we’ve got the mean, the capability, the capacities and the anger to destroy each and everyone that could try to mess with us.

– by ****fsociety  |  Team An0n | Translated by Revo

Some members from the team Corp Fsociety :

Alias :Colibri

Alias :Colombinator

Alias :Crazy Clone

Alias :Angry Bear

Alias :Pacificator

Alias :Exterminator

Vigilante FSOCIETY
Alias : Snip