ULTRA STRIPS DOWN – The Danish scandal

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Ultra Strips Down is a Danish show. Their concept “five adults stand completely naked in front of children between 7 and 14 years old. The children can then ask them all sorts of questions about their relationship with their bodies“. The producers of the show say that the program is designed as an educational tool to combat body shame and encourage body positivity. For season 2, the children of the Orestad school in Copenhagen are the guinea pigs of this disgusting experience. In 2020, the program is in its second season. The show is already intolerable in all aspects, but the discomfort lies in the fact that it is very popular and, on top of that, has been awarded the prize for the best children’s show. Is this a joke? We would prefer… At the production, we find the Danish branch of Warner Bros. Remember that it is none other than the daughter of the french pedo minister (jack lang), Caroline Lang, who is in Epstein’s black book, who is part of the board of directors of the company …

Ultra Strip Down

Luckily, this disgust is not unanimous and we find a member of the right-wing Danish People’s Party, Peter Skaarup, who, on social networks, speaks for all the normal people, rightly scandalized by this show. He therefore publicly expressed their anger and concern for those children who participate and those who watch. The host, Jannick Schow, defended himself against the controversy with the following words: « It’s not about sex, it’s about seeing the body as something natural, like children do…Parents have to give their consent for their children to participate in the program. Children are often asked if they feel okay. If any of them are not feeling well, they can join their teacher backstage, but out of the 250 children who came to the show, this has never happened before. ».

There are some very serious questions about the mental health of the parents who consent to this shit. Would you leave your child facing naked adults? Or worse, would you let your kid stand naked like a worm in front strangers? Bunch of mentally ill people… They are undoubtedly fed to the leftist and eco-friendly propaganda that advocates sexuality and nudity between adults and minors, without taboos and from the youngest age, and we can only be mad about all of this! Moreover, we want as a proof this bitch brandishing the feminist logo, naked in front of children (source 4). This show should fall under legal framework: indecent assault and incitement to debauchery. Students from primary school onwards have had their fill of psychological violence with the compulsory sex education courses since 1971. Indeed, we know the purpose and consequences of this early indoctrination: perverting children to advance the final project of legalizing pedocriminality, but pushing the thing to the point of making it into public broadcasts where children and adults are naked? This almost fall into the child porn box… Revolted and angry to see this kind of thing allowed, we wanted to share this information with you in detail. Because, ask yourself the question, what will come next to his already disgusting perversion?…. Source 1, 2, 3, 4.