WATERWORLD PARK – bloody pool and naked event for adults AND KIDS !

SEPTEMBER 2020 – It is with a monstrous anger that I write this article today… Going through the news every day, I come across a article that will revolt the strongest. In England, “waterworld park” is an aquatic pool company that has just reopened its doors. Masks are mandatory until you wear your swimsuit (sluts…) because, it is known. A virus attacks ONLY people who are dressed. Once in a bathing suit, the virus shits on itself and flees into the air. Moreover, even if it is supposedly carried by “droplets” it does not like “big” droplets, such as the one in a public swimming pool. The park describes the event as “The biggest event of the year”, because they are, in spite of the deserved insults, very very very proud of it… So, since the virus does not like clothes, waterworld park decided, for the second edition, to propose an event “all naked” reserved for adults and children. The only rule ? Wear your mask until you are completely naked. The event seems to attract a lot of people. Pedophiles, pedophile perverts, families of fucking morons, pedophile organizers? Since when has this been allowed? Bunch of mentally ill people!! And shame on the parents who DARE to go there with their children! You deserve only one thing: A big punch in the teeth!

mo chaudry – park director

Do you think it stops there? Think again! They also offer to bathe in “pools of blood”! No! You’re not nightmaring! You can see it for yourself on this link that I took care of saving because I’m convinced that they will eat a relatively powerful backlash if we make this circulate everywhere to let people know what is happening in plain sight ! So the next event will be what ? A bath of shit and piss ? I support the idea with only one condition: to see the faces of the organizers and the filthy parents who go to this kind of event with their children, splashed by jets of shit! You should be so ashamed! Here is one of the culprits: MO CHAUDRY, director of the park who defends this kind of event with his head held high! Of course, you will also find here, the logo of the company with a nice GAY logo to top it all off…

We encourage you, in order to do something worthy, to react, dislike, even contact this infamous company because this is simply INTOLERABLE and must not happen! Here is their facebook, their youtube, their website, the director’s website and the nudist manager who is co-responsable for this event. Also, here are the complete infos about this evil company :

Festival Park, Etruria. Hanley
st1 5pu Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom +44 1782 205747

Please share, do something, help us do something about thess human waste!



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