It’s based on Jeffrey Epstein’s incredible narcissism. The man couldn’t help himself but think he was god and thought he was all-powerful. In order to please his own perverse idolatry, he put his initials absolutely everywhere. On the column in front of his front door in Manhattan, on the blue and white temple of Little St. James, on his clothes, on the wings of his private jets, on his helicopters…Also, the names of his many companies were named after him. J. Epstein Foundation, J Epstein virgin island foundation, SCI JEP, LSJE LLS The list is endless, but you already have a small glimpse. And to finish, the cherry on top of the cake, Jeffrey Epstein had fun saying to his guests, to his victims too, not “Little Saint James” but “Little Saint JEFF” when he talked about his island. Keep this in mind.


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I’ve decided to look into the companies still unknown in our research and came across the ongoing lawsuit of victims seeking compensation. Here, you’ll find a list of all the trusts and other corporations owned by Jeffrey Epstein. Before you do that, keep in mind that among those companies, you’ll find “AIR GHISLAINE“. Important note justifying that a name was chosen in honour of the one that everyone considers his ex-girlfriend (in addition to being his child pimp). From all this evidence showing that the man named almost everything by his name, we can deduce without any difficulty that J E of JEGE means JEFFREY EPSTEIN. But then… What does GE mean? My deduction: GHISLAINE EPSTEIN. And this name, even if slightly different, is also found under another company name like “JEG Enterprises LLC”.


With whom, if not Epstein himself, was Ghislaine seen all these years? No one. There’s no one she spent that much of time with. They try to make us believe that out of the blue, a total stranger who was barely never seen anywhere with her, in spite of her travels around the world with Epstein, suddenly became her secret husband ? I’m sorry, but I find that very hard to believe and fucking sketchy. Especially since, if you look hard enough, there’s not the slightest proof of any of this. Not the slightest. Another detail that proves that he had already named an asset in her name in the past, one of those helicopters bearing, like him for his private jets, the letters “GM”.


Another important fact. It is said that Ghislaine Maxwell’s family was completely broke due to the many traffic her father’s accumulated wealth had destroyed. So yes, she was living the an wealthy life alongside Epstein and he had provide for all her needs during as long as we can remember. With him, she needed nothing. So I can believe that this, helped her accumulate wealth and cash over the years, but there are limits. Why does everyone seem to have forgotten that just a few months ago, Ghislaine Maxwell, without a penny in her pocket, attacked Jeffrey Epstein’s heirs to get some money? Was that just true or was she “drowning a fish”? (french expression meaning you try to burry something) And then how could she have kept having all these expenses and apartments?


A marriage leaves its mark. In most countries, a marriage can be found on a state registry/data base. Except we’re forgetting one little thing here. Whether Ghislaine or Jeffrey, both are Jewish, both had strong connections to Israel, and there the marriage is recognized and only performed religiously. There is no deed signed before a mayor as is the case in France or in most other countries. If a marriage is organized, celebrated, officialized religiously, it means that the papers relating to it are in the possession of the religious office that pronounced the marriage. Wouldn’t it help that a marriage is not recoverable by an American judge or a private citizen wishing to do research as we do? I invite someone from there to confirm, disprove or give us the slightest help in arguing the whole theory.


Maybe this is all just a coincidence. Or maybe he gave the name of this airline company to lather up the huge whore that is Ghislaine Maxwell, the paedophile madly in love with a paedophile who didn’t seem at all inclined to make it his one and only. Maybe they were secretly married for only a few years. Or perhaps… They were until his death or … STILL, if he’s still alive. All of which would also justify the fact that the slut she is refused categorically to name the husband. So, yes, we’re talking about Scott Borgerson. Except one thing was quickly eluded from the public. For the past few days, everyone’s been calling him “her husband” except, folks, you forgot something important. There’s no evidence or confession. The news being still considered to be a“rumor”. Rumor which, of course, could (truly or falsely) turn out to be the right one but something tells me it’s too simple. When would they got married? Why were they so rarely seen in each other’s company? Why hide a union with this man? There are tangible answers to all of these questions, but the answer to some of them is even more important to me: Who the fuck is GE? The theory of a past or even current marriage with Jeffrey Epstein still holds true because even if divorced, they could have been married one day. Which would also explain a lot of things when you think about it … Now, I’m sure that “GE” is the diminutive of a physical person. So if it’s not Ghislaine, who is it? It’s up to you to make your own deductions but if you ask me, the iceberg to my eyes seems even bigger now that I have find this…



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