Here is a non-exhaustive list, because it is certain that it misses a lot of them, pedophile youtubers who are favored by the platform itself. It is not for nothing that we often call youtube “pedotube”. Beyond the fact that they rarely close down the channels offering links to child porn sites in a barely concealed way, there is also the fact that many youtubers use the site in question to hunt their prey: Children.


Aellyx and Materia (we haven’t found their real identities yet, contact us if you know them) are the unabashed creators of the pedotube channel Need Backup, a French gaming channel with nearly 100k subscribers. At the beginning of March 2020, several women came to point out some of their shocking comments, accusing them of pedophilia and zoophilia. Let’s go back to the origin of this case. It turns out that these two individuals, members of the LGBT community (of course …), regularly exchanged with subscribers on their Discord, clearly displaying that they were minors, messages talking openly about sex with sharing nude photos. Apparently not having any embarrassment about the age of the underage kids, they expose their most gloomy fantasies, we’ll skip the details … One of them, LilyBliniaise claims to have sent them more than a hundred explicit pictures! Several witnesses then publicly confirm her words and report these same filthy behaviors. Without any complex, they will write an answer that leaves you speechless… They recognize the facts that they are accused of but specify that they are only fantasies and apologize, openly recognizing their vice that they call “deviance” but totally trivializing the psychological impact that they have generated by manipulating these young girls. This is what they say:

“Since a long time already, our 13/14 years approximately, we are conscious of our deviances, and we never lived it well, we did not speak about it to anybody by shame and by fear, we lived with it in spite of everything. (…) we never went to the physical act, the respect of the others being paramount for us, we never hurted or touched anyone, again all that it remained at the stage of fantasies.”

Aellyx & Materia

Oh poor guys, one more word and we would shed a tear!!! And what is incredible is the number of subscribers who say they find it normal and forgive them. As a proof of their good faith and in all humility (irony of course), they decided to undertake “psychological accompaniment steps”. Well yes, to pass the perversion of pedocriminals as an illness (even if of course, they are mentally ill…) is the way to justify the unjustifiable. Nothing new! In the meantime, their channel is still active on PedoTube, the subscribers are still numerous and not the shadow of any judicial threat. This case is far from being an exception…


Many YouTubers have been accused of this… especially in France like Kairi78, Wass Freestyle, Anthox Colaboy, Math Podcast, From Human to GOD, Norman, Onision or Kemar to name a few. Focus on Jaouad Daouki aka Kairi78. He is a 33-year-old French-Moroccan streamer and youtuber. He opened his channel in 2011, on which he started with videos about popular video games. He then directed his channel on more humorous videos and the tone given attracts more and more subscribers. To date, they are 3.51 million (without comments…). Recently, a controversy about his love relationship made a lot of noise: PedoKairi78 is “in a relationship” with a 16-year-old girl … remember that he is 33 years old! Of course, today he declares, seeing the scandal growing, their rupture. Difficult to know for how long they are “in couple” nevertheless we can notice that he is attracted by rather very young girls. We found a video in which he talks about his meeting with a 12 year old girl… planning to couple with her when she will be 16. In short, we quickly understand that this guy is a pedo. When we say and repeat that social networks are nests of pedos, here is another confirmation! Jaouad Daouki is not only on pedoTube, he is also on Snap, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter where he has also a large audience. Please, watch your kids !!


Austin Jones also showed his true face, that of a pedo who took advantage of vulnerable young girls. With more than 540,000 subscribers, this former musician became known by covering songs a capella. With his visibility, he asked girls, underage of course, to produce twerking videos to prove that they were big fans. In exchange, he would promise to help them get more followers on Instagram or become models. In 2017, he was charged with possession of child pornography images and sentenced in 2019 to 10 years in prison.. Finally a real sentence!


Another case, the Jeremstargate. Jérémy Gisclon, aka Jeremstar, finds himself at the heart of a scandal involving minors. Specialist in gossip about the participants of reality shows in France (and only known because of that…) that he broadcasts on his channel YT, he is followed by millions of young people on social networks and participates in TV shows. In 2018, a video of him masturbating appears online, streamed by an angry follower, Aqababe. But the story is not over yet. A jeremstar’s friend, Pascal Cardonna aka Babybel, working for a national french media, France Bleu, is then accused of raping kids officially Wait, lets use the right name for this : Accused of being a fucking pedophile! And I’m sorry to have to say this but it’s a fact for us : Pedos all looks like pedophiles! If your gut doesn’t scream the same thing as us, ok, but since we’ve been working on these cases we can easily say that faces often smell perversity and this babybel smells like the pedophile he is! Following this announcement, the testimonies of sexually assaulted on minors will follow one another, leading to prosecutions pour defamation. Then becomes in the eyes of the public, the one who is at the head of a network of prostitution of minors. Both will deny the accusations and avoid public appearances but no criminal sanction is in sight. Note that the entourage of these two perverts because it is not a coincidence. In the buddies of Jeremstar, we find the famous CYRIL LEGANN aka Babar with his pedo buddy Bernard Alapettite, a high profile with great gov’s friend well known pedophile in France. And again, we find the garbage lobby LGBTP and all of this subsidized by ? Paris mayor.The wall story is just unbelievable and would be too long to explain as there is so many ramifications and details. To end this piece, lets note that Jeremstar has also another pedo in his friend’s list that allows him to be protected : MORANDINI. A well known TV star with a prosecution that ended nowhere, being himself protected by even higher ranked pedophile within the french gov itself. The prosecution was aggravated pedo abuses…


Shane Dawson he was not ashamed of anything. He said in front of the camera that he particularly enjoyed looking at naked baby pictures on the internet because he found babies “sexy”… The horror of the story is summed up in this but would it take more to understand that he is a pedophile? Who would openly say that pictures of naked babies are sexy? One brave Youtuber, Pop Blast, tried to get the story out there. Do you know how it ended? Shane Dawson was not worried and Pop Blast was punished by closing his channel for good.


A belgian Minnecraf youtuber Marcus Wilton. Its audience: 600k, mainly children. It is thanks to a young girl with the nickname of “Paige The Panda” that the case broke. Thanks to his popularity, the pedophile used Skype and Twitter as a means of contact between him and his young subscribers. Once the contact was established, like all the individuals of his kind, he asked for explicit content to the children… Girls, as well as boys. For a change…


Accused by teenagers of having exchanged sexual messages, photos and videos with them, Baptiste Mortier-Dumont aka Experiment Boy, 26 yo, is under investigation. At the beginning, his Youtube channel (1.15 million subscribers) proposed videos on scientific experiments… With his fame, he used social networks, the favorite playground of pedos, to attract his victims, very young and abusing their naivety and fragility, and encouraged them to film themselves masturbating. In total, 13 people complained about his actions and 2 filed a complaint. Of course, he denies it and evokes an attempt of destabilization! This unassumed pedo counts on his lawyers so that the authors of these accusations are “brought very soon before the competent jurisdictions”…


Jay Creed, A gamer youtuber whose existence is impossible to find, attracted little boys of 11 years via his streams to abuse them. The man comes from Porthcurno, Cornwall in the U.K. It is via videos, playing fortnite, that he attracted the little ones. In exchange for sexual acts at over camera, giving cryptos to the child. This is what we learn in the newspapers shortly after his arrest. We discover by the same time that the pedo had already been charged for similar facts, registered in the file of sex offenders for life… At the time of his arrest, when the police arrived, he hurriedly destroyed a computer tower…


These examples are just a few crumbs. The amount of pedo content produced by pedos on YT is impressive and their channels are not even removed, worse they collect thousands or even millions of subscribers not to mention the money it generates… And that’s without mentioning the millions of pedos who circulate without worrying, around kid’s video. A scandale should have exploded when it was proven that Youtube recommends kids videos to pedophile on their platform. So, still not convinced that Youtube protects and even facilitates the dirty work of these scum? There is still one youtuber that most of you know, that we don’t have in this list because we need a little more proof. The facts are these. A mature man filming himself and making these comments “There I’ll go and see some pretty girls they must be 15 years old they must be college students”. The man making these remarks is in his forties. I personally saw this video, it was on facebook. I can’t find it, if you have it, please pass it on. There are also screenshots of very strange messages to young girls living abroad that he invited to come to France and Morocco. Now, the screenshots may have been doctored so out of caution, we won’t post his name yet but some of you probably understand who he is. When there is more info affirming this story, he will be added to this list of pedophile youtubers because no one will be forgotten. No one… To be continued.